Smallgran: functional and mediterranean design

by Rocío M.

“Our work often leads to products with new operating principles that improve some aspect of everyday life.” With this quote we begin today’s post, dedicated to the Valencian study `Smallgran‘, formed by Francesc, Luis and Carles, three friends who met at the university and decided to start together the path of entrepreneurship. Now they joins Faberin, to take another step in their career.

As you know, we love that you get to know first-hand who makes up this great community of designers and makers, who join Faberin. Do you want to know more about these Valencian product designers and what inspires them to design? Don’t miss his interview. Here we go!

Smallgran, product designers at Faberin

Smallgran, product designers at Faberin

Smallgran Design Studio: Know three Valencian product designers

Who’s behind Smallgran?

Smallgran is a design studio, based in Valencia, and formed by three friends that we decided to undertake at the end of our studies in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Our motivation in creating the studio was our desire to express, through design, the importance of utility and the optimization of resources.

How would you define your designs?

We are characterized by rational, fun and close designs. The result of our work is usually a product with a new working principle that improves some aspect of everyday life or that provides a new way of interacting with the user. Our designs are rational but fun.

What experience do you have in the world of design?

Since we started ‘Smallgran‘ we have done all kinds of design work: graphic design, branding, logo design, cover and layout of a music CD, posters, software and web interfaces, etc. In addition, we have produced and sold two of our products (Álsol and Star Darts) on the international market, we have exhibited at the Stockholm Fair with Designboom and we have won the 2017 A’Design Award & Competition with the Xanxan shelf.

How were your beginnings?

When we finished the degree, we were not convinced by the career options available to us, so driven by our passion for design, we decided to start and create our own studio. That’s how ‘Smallgran’ was born. We created a solid portfolio and brand image and started working to reach companies and offer them our industrial design services. Little by little, we were working with makers we met at university and working on various projects.

'Tame' shelf by valencian design studio 'Smallgran'

'Tame' shelf by valencian design studio 'Smallgran'

Smallgran brand: Functional and Mediterranean style in every design.

What would you highlight about the way you design?

When it comes to design, we are driven by logic in every step we take, and all our decisions are made taking into account the use that the user will make of the product. We always use objective and rational criteria in order not to lose sight of the functionality of the object. In our designs, beauty is achieved when every attribute has a rational justification.

What is your source of inspiration?

As Valencians, we are inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. In addition, when looking for inspiration for a design we try to think like a child, without prejudice. This leads us from a childish approach to a creative path that gives us very good solutions.

Do you have any designer references?

We have been influenced by some of the great designers of history such as Charles and Ray Eames, Dieter Rams, Alvar Aalto, the Bauhaus, Otl Aicher, etc.. As for the more modern ones, we drink from Ikea or from Valencian friends like LaSelva and La Mamba.

Do you have a preference for any particular material?

We like to work with ceramics because we have learned to work with them ourselves, but we believe that the material should be determined by the design objective and for this reason we try not to obsess over any particular one.

'Xanxan' shelf by valencian design studio 'Smallgran'

'Xanxan' shelf by valencian design studio 'Smallgran'

Functional and creative: Rolo, very soon in Faberin.

How did the idea of creating ‘Rolo’ lamp come about?

The idea for the ‘Rolo’ lamp appeared in December 2016 at the Made in Valencia design conference. Based on problems detected in common by the entire Made in Valencia team, we developed the ‘Rolo’ concept with the help of other manufacturers. Its design allows that, depending on how the petals are placed, different lighting is projected generating multiple environments in the same room with a single lamp.


'Rolo' lamp by design studio 'Smallgran' soon in Faberin

'Rolo' lamp by design studio 'Smallgran' soon in Faberin

The original design of ‘Rolo’ lamp will soon be available in Faberin, in our unique pieces catalogue. If like Francesc, Luis and Carles you are a product designer and you want to turn your designs into products for sale, don’t hesitate to join Faberin.

We are waiting for you!

Words by Rocío M.

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