Milan Furniture Fair: the essential design fair

by Rocío M.

At Faberin we like to keep you up to date with everything that’s going on around the world of design and craftsmanship, and we couldn’t stop talking to you about the International Furniture Fair in Milan.

The 57th Milan Furniture Fair (Salone del Mobile), the world’s leading furniture design trade fair, will be held from Tuesday 17 April to Sunday 22 April. In this essential event for lovers of furniture design, interior design and decoration, more than 2000 exhibitors and 300,000 visitors gather.

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Milan Furniture Fair 2017

Milan Furniture Fair 2017

Milan Furniture Fair: 57 years making history

The Milan International Furniture Fair was founded in 1961 as a vehicle for the promotion of furniture exports and Italian design, and soon became the most anticipated event in the world of furniture. 57 years later, it still brings together the most distinguished names in the world of interior design and decoration. The aim of this international exhibition is to give visibility to designers, studios and brands from all over the world, and together move towards an increasingly innovative and creative future.

For the first time in more than five decades of history, the exhibition’s organisers have drawn up a Manifiesto promoting a new way of working and designing, as well as consolidating Milan (if it were not already so) as the capital par excellence of design. The Manifesto promotes internationalization and encourages designers to continue on the path of sustainability, collaboration, exchange, support for young talent and preservation of culture. Values that have always been present at the Italian fair, but which now more than ever, are being highlighted and passed on to the new generations, those responsible for continuing to build the future of furniture design, decoration and architecture. The aim is to adapt to the values of an increasingly changing society.

Design of the Milan Furniture Fair 2017

Design of the Milan Furniture Fair 2017

Milan: world capital of design

From Milan, the preparations for this great event in the world of designer furniture are being completed. This year the exhibition will be characterized by many surprises and by its emphasis on innovation.

Its president, Claudio Luti, put it this way: “Design is emotion. Milan is the epicentre where it all comes together. What connects these two things is the Salone del Mobile, which creates new frames and houses new creativity at each edition, because the important thing is that this event is not only the leading showcase for Italian and foreign furniture and design, but also highlights developments within the industry. The great strength of the Salone del Mobile is that it is the best demonstration of creativity and also the most important commercial attraction. This is how we work together to strengthen Milan’s role as a global capital of shared culture, design and innovation.

Milan is therefore not only the venue for the event but also the world’s epicentre of design, creativity, culture and innovation.

Enea' stand at the last edition of the Furniture Fair

Enea' stand at the last edition of the Furniture Fair

What you can’t miss at the Milan Furniture Fair 2018

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, this year the show will be held from Tuesday 17th April to Sunday 22nd within the framework of the Milan Design Week. Visitors are expected from more than 165 countries, who will be able to enjoy a large exhibition of furniture and products that combines design, technology and sustainability.

In addition, at the same time as the Furniture Fair, other parallel exhibitions such as the International Exhibition of Decoration Accessories can be visited, and other events coming back this year such as the EuroCucina /FTK (Technology For the Kitchen) and the International Bathroom Showroom, which are held in even years. An exhibition that brings together all the styles and all the categories of furniture that we can imagine. The event will take place at the Fiera Milano, from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm.

'Flexform' stand at 2015 edition

'Flexform' stand at 2015 edition

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Words by Rocío M.

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