La Paca Disain: author design

by Rocío M.

As you know, at Faberin we like you to get to know first-hand the members of this platform of designers and craftsmen, who combine their creative work and their talent to create unique design objects. On this occasion, we are going to talk about the author design studio La Paca Disain from Murcia (Spain), formed by Alberto Martínez and Susana Griñán, both designers trained at the Murcia School of Design.

Their studies of Design and Plastic Arts led them to join their professional paths and found the design studio La Paca Disain, as well as other creative workshops and events, where craftsmanship and design play a fundamental role.

Do you want to know their experience as product designers and what inspires them to create an object? Here we go!

Susana Griñán y Alberto M. Caravaca, product designers at Faberin

Susana Griñán y Alberto M. Caravaca, product designers at Faberin

Design made in Murcia: Who are La Paca Disain?

Behind the design studio La Paca Disain, located in the well-known Barrio del Carmen in Murcia, are product designers Susana Griñán and Alberto Martínez Caravaca. Susana and Alberto began their career in the world of design studying Plastic Arts and Artistic Ceramics, and soon after, specialized in the area of product design.

Their profiles are those of two restless and curious designers who are not content to work in one discipline of design but who range from 3D interior design to sculpture and furniture design. La Paca Disain is the result of years of extensive training in design, consolidating them as “design-makers”, designers who are responsible for both the initial idea and design of the product, as well as for its manufacturing process and marketing.

Its collections and products transmit a close and harmonious design, with pieces of industrial cut that have been created through semi-artisanal procedures. Susana and Alberto are two designers committed to the importance of craftsmanship and the value of unique, handmade pieces that convey emotions and sensations. The products of La Paca Disain are manufactured paying special attention to the materials used, the shapes, the colours and the textures, creating unique objects full of personality.

In addition to their own design studio, their creative minds have led them to the foundation of Arteca Creative Workshops, an association that disseminates the values of the plastic arts, crafts and design of the Region of Murcia.

Susana y Alberto, product designers at La Paca Disain

Susana y Alberto, product designers at La Paca Disain

The design style of La Paca Disain: What inspires them?

Both Susana and Alberto have different profiles and look for inspiration to create objects in a different way. It is the result of their creativity that makes all La Paca Disain products special and original. Alberto and Susana are always looking for the added value of the objects they design, always looking for the emotional side of the design and the story behind it.

Many of his works are born from a memory, a sensation or a feeling and his work consists of transforming those sensations into objects and furniture of design, generating an emotional response in the final owner. Both seek to establish a close relationship between the design and the user, without losing sight of its functionality and aesthetic character. Their inspiration is based on craftsmanship, traditional techniques and nature; sources that serve as a reference for all their ideas and that they always keep in mind in the process of designing and manufacturing a product.

Their work is carried out while maintaining a respectful relationship with the environment. The Paca Disain is a design study characterized by promoting sustainable and ecological processes and working methods. They carry out a careful investigation of the materials that best adapt to the product and that are innovative, in addition to choosing those natural non-polluting materials. An example of functional, aesthetic and sustainable design.

'El Nido' stool, designed at La Paca Disain

'El Nido' stool, designed at La Paca Disain

Designer stools with personality: soon at Faberin

La Paca Disain decided to join the Faberin network of product designers and manufacturers to take a step further in their extensive career as product designers and to turn their designs into products for sale. In their case, they bring us a collection of design stools, multifunctional and fun, with which the user can interact in different ways, depending on the model.

This is the ‘Refros’ collection, four stools that represent activities or actions of daily life, each with a different function and appearance; ‘Homo Ludens’, will not only allow you to sit on the stool, but also to play with it, ‘El Coleccionista’ is the design that will invite you to sit down and enjoy a good beer (or two…), ‘Piggy Bank’ is not only a stool, but also a money box, where you can save almost without realizing it, and finally,‘El Nido’, where you can store everything you can think of while you’re sitting.

These four models of multifunctional stools are unique pieces, created with great effort and love by La Paca Disain. The idea is developed from an existing product, the’Frosta’ stool currently marketed by IKEA, which is a replica of the E60 stool by the design master Alvar Aalto.

In ‘Refros’, Alberto and Susana approach a design in which they reinterpret an everyday object to give it a new use and functionality. An object that, taken from its usual context, becomes art, a historical trend in industrial design and craftsmanship.

'Piggy Bank' detail, designed by La Paca Disain

'Piggy Bank' detail, designed by La Paca Disain

If you liked this original collection of stools, we have some good news for you, already
that ‘Refros’ will soon be available in our exclusive product catalogue.

If, as Susana and Alberto, you are a product designer and would like to turn your designs into products for sale at Faberin, don’t hesitate to join this great design and craftsmanship platform.

We are waiting for you!

Words by Rocío M.

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