Juanny Barceló: building the future.

by Sara S.

With this post we take up a section that we love. This is the section in which a member of Faberin tells us a little bit about himself and his projects. This section allows you to meet designers and makers who are part of Faberin and connect with them through their own vision of themselves and their careers.

Cuban-born Italian Juanny Barceló Borges is the protagonist of today’s post. Juanny is a multidisciplinary designer who has worked in areas as diverse as Product Design, Graphic Design, Motion Design and even 3D Modeling. He now joins Faberin in taking another step forward and continuing to meet his goal: “helping visionary companies build a meaningful future through the design process” globally.

Then, he himself will tell you a little bit about him and his career. In addition, we will show you the products that Juanny has designed for Faberin and that you will soon be able to buy on our website.

Juanny Barceló Borges

Juanny Barceló Borges

How would you define yourself?

I am a Product and Graphic Designer who helps companies and individuals build a meaningful future through the design process.

How were your beginnings?

I studied graphic and product design at the Instituto Superior de Industrias Artísticas in Faenza, Italy, and as an Erasmus exchange at the Fachhochschule in Düsseldorf, Germany. I took the first steps by doing several’ internships’ in some Italian design companies, when I was still in design school.

What experience do you have in the world of design?

I have collaborated with interesting studios such as Roberto Semprini, Florian Gypser and GumDesign. Where I met some fantastic and talented people. In which I was able to expand my skills and work with international brands.

How would you define your designs?

My designs are products that reflect the client’s identity along with my point of view. The result communicates a story, an intuition, a message, which can be inspired by the material, technology, company, users and different other sources. Paying special attention to details, essentiality and elegance of form, along with a good dose of joy and emotion.

'Joe': a spaghetti meter designed by Juanny Barceló.

'Joe': a spaghetti meter designed by Juanny Barceló.

What would you highlight about your design?

In my way of designing, I would like to highlight, for example, the initial part of the process that consists of knowing the individual and the company I work with, its history, its identity, I try to understand what problems it wants to solve, what are its challenges and objectives. First of all, I am interested in establishing a relationship based on trust and respect.

How would you define your style?

I would define my style as: Sculptural Graphic Synthesis.

What inspires you?

Everything is a source of inspiration, context and contextualization are very important, but above all with whom I work, their stories and their skills are a great source of inspiration because we are all unique and different.

Any reference designers?

In the design world there are several very talented characters, but now the ones I’m most interested in are Jayme Hayon, GumDesign and Nika Zupanc, because they express their particular point of view with their unique and iconic design, characterized by significant graphic details.

Juanny Barceló Borges

Juanny Barceló Borges

What has been the path to this point in your career?

The career as a designer is arduous because there are many talented competitors, but I love this work and I always do it with passion, enthusiasm and continuous curiosity. Challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone to improve and communicate better through the products.

What does design mean to you? What’s left for you to do in the design world?

Designing for me means awareness, being aware that I don’t work only for myself but to help a company or an individual build something meaningful, for them and for their buyers. Be aware that each sign on the sheet will be equivalent to investment costs, and so on… the list of consciousness is very long! That’s why I don’t have a favorite material, I’ve had several interesting experiences with wood, metals, cushioned sofas and marble. I still have a lot to do and I like to try different materials and technologies.

What is the job you are most proud of?

I am proud of all the products I have designed because, in any case, they all contain commitment, energy and passion! For me and for those who worked on it.

Trail': Lapdesk designed by Juanny Barceló Borges for Faberin.

Trail': Lapdesk designed by Juanny Barceló Borges for Faberin.

How was your experience at Faberin?

The design process began by trying to understand Faberin’s identity and what his objectives are, from there, to determine and identify the possible target and then contextualize a scene where to insert the future result. Having at that time an overview, I have done a thorough investigation into the variety of objects that can be inserted in a similar scenario. The buyer Faberin seeks an object with original narrative content to create a homely atmosphere that is welcoming and eclectic but reveals a bright and sophisticated personality.
I had the opportunity to work with maker Pablo Pastor, an interesting artisan who works with plywood wood. It is a material that is warm to the touch, characterized by a stratification that if used consciously gives the product a graphic decoration that is inherent to the material itself. This is where the products were born: Joe, Hexagons and Trail.

Hexagons': table mats designed by Juanny Barceló

Hexagons': table mats designed by Juanny Barceló

Our community grows day by day, if you are not yet part of it and how Juanny is a designer… Do not hesitate, take the step and register at Faberin! You are just a click away from turning your designs into products for sale.

If you want to know how Faberin works, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We’re waiting for you!

Words by Sara S.

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