Jaymin Panchasara: traditional design and timeless objects

by Rocío M.

“Design for me is a fun problem solving game, played with the tools of lines, colour, composition and storytelling”. This is how Indian industrial designer Jaymin Panchasara, who applies this philosophy in his daily work at the Fifth Column furniture and product design studio, defines his creations. Jaymin bets on a traditional design style.

Jaymin decides to join Faberin
to consolidate his career in product and furniture design, and to present his products in this great community of designers and craftsmen who share a common mission: to create unique pieces, handcrafted with a special story to tell.

Today we will get to know a little more about the designer and creator of ‘Ciro’ stool, a design that will soon be on sale in Faberin. Want to know more about Jaymin Panchasara? Don’t wait any longer!

Jaymin Panchasara, product designer at Faberin

Jaymin Panchasara, product designer at Faberin

A designer’s vocation: Who is Jaymin Panchasara?

Jaymin is an Indian industrial and product designer, who defines himself as a ‘skeptic’, as he is committed to a holistic approach to design, considering all the possibilities of design. Jaymin graduated in Industrial Design from the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India..

Although a young designer, Jaymin already has his own design style and his own furniture and product design studio: Fifth Column in Vadodara, India, founded in 2015 with his brother Abhay Panchasara, an architect by profession.

After graduating from his studies, Jaymin has specialized in the design of furniture and products for the home and office, although he is a multidisciplinary designer, as in his years of professional activity, he has also explored other areas of design such as 3D printing or product photography. In addition to his own studio, Jaymin has done some internships and freelance design work, as well as collaborations with companies in India and Shanghai that have served as a stimulus and motivation to improve himself day by day and be better at his job.

Jaymin’s passion for design and objects with history comes from his childhood, as he belongs to a family of carpenters and engineers, who from an early age instilled in him the value of handwork and unique objects. Much of his childhood was spent in his father’s workshop, where he played with hammers and nails, and where he could appreciate the process of transition from a wooden log to a chair. It is there that his desire to be an ‘object creator’ and dedicate himself to product design was born.

Jaymin has made his dream come true, and now he spends his time studying with his brother. At Fifth Colum, they work in two areas: as a design consultant and as an architectural consultant, offering a comprehensive design service to customers, engineers, local organizations, artisans, etc. inviting them to participate and contribute to the process from the outset.

Jaymin with members of the Fifth Column Design Studio

Jaymin with members of the Fifth Column Design Studio

Jaymin Panchasara’s timeless design

Jaymin believes that he is at the beginning of his career as a product designer, and is in a permanent state of learning, listening and learning from more experienced professionals in the world of design, and absorbing everything that will serve him in the future.

When it comes to design, Jaymin doesn’t follow the trends and doesn’t worry too much about the ‘marketing’ of the product. He simply likes to design furniture that has a specific function, objects that are really useful and that the future owner wants to preserve all his life: timeless products. To this end, he likes to explore and interact with the materials he uses, always respecting their properties and even placing them at the centre of the design. Jaymin usually uses different materials and thus knows their properties, although he likes to work mainly with wood and metal, as they offer many possibilities.

Jaymin finds his inspiration in nature, the objects and the people with whom he relates. He likes to create furniture and products that are simple for mass production and allow anyone, regardless of their purchasing level, to buy a design object. It is an honour for him as a designer to be able to make this a reality. In addition, his references in the world of design are Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Konstantin Grcic and Marc Newson.

'Ciro' stool, designed by Jaymin Panchasara

'Ciro' stool, designed by Jaymin Panchasara

‘Ciro’: a handmade wooden stool

As a result of his taste for exploring materials, Jaymin experimented with cast aluminium, wood and natural cane, and this is how ‘Ciro’ came about, a stool that takes its name from the way it resembles the sun, and that you will soon find in our unique products catalog.

The ‘Ciro’ stool is the result of a process that combines modernity and tradition. The original mixture of materials generated different behaviors and properties of the product, such as the ‘rebound’ effect. A stool that combines design and ergonomics with traditional materials. In their creation, the designers involved sought to unify the automated industrial processes with the handmade work and the craftsmanship, to unite two different work methodologies to obtain unique and unexpected results.

‘Ciro’ is mainly made of wood, which together with the cast aluminium structure makes the stool stronger and more stable resistant and stable. The quality of the materials and its low weight make ‘Ciro’ an ideal stool for both commercial and residential spaces.

Without a doubt, Jaymin is a designer who shares the Faberin philosophy, and is committed to the value of traditional and artisanal methods, working day by day so that this tradition does not disappear in a world where mass production reigns. The passion, experience, mastery and attention to detail that the craftsman prints in each of his creations is something not to be missed and that gives the object a unique and special story that is worth sharing.

Detail of 'Ciro' stool, soon available in Faberin

Detail of 'Ciro' stool, soon available in Faberin

If, as Jaymin, you are a product designer, joining our platform of designers and makers, you can turn your designs into products for sale and the next story we write may be yours!

We are waiting for you!

Words by Rocío M.

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