Francisco Gómez: Design and craftsmanship from diversity.

by Sara S.

Faberin, a global design platform, continues to grow day by day, becoming, little by little, a meeting place where designers, makers and design lovers come together to create unique pieces.

The protagonist of today is part of this great community, and he is also part of it from all three sides. Since, Francisco Gómez is a designer, self-made and of course, design lover.
Francisco’s personality and his way of working make him a professional and a person with much to contribute to the world. Do you want to know more about this architect, designer and self-manufacturer?
Let’s go!

Francisco Gómez: designer, self-manufacturer and architect in Faberin.

Francisco Gómez: designer, self-manufacturer and architect in Faberin.

Design as a response.

Francisco defines himself as a multifaceted person, addicted to uncertainty, change and complex processes. He is passionate about digital manufacturing, but this does not prevent him from being a faithful lover of the purest craftsmanship.

For him, design is the creative, technical and emotional response to a specific need, the result of which must be sensitive to transformation. He understands design as an open and constantly changing phenomenon.

Design is part of your everyday life, and is behind every idea and every detail.

Francisco became familiar with design when he began studying architecture. This approach was sharpened when, a few years ago, it began to enter into digital manufacturing processes. It was at that moment, when he felt closer and began to think of design as an opportunity to create outside of building. Although he acknowledges that he has never understood his profession without design, he acknowledges that he began to design the moment he began to study Architecture.

Some models in Francisco Gómez's Digital Crafts Laboratory.

Some models in Francisco Gómez's Digital Crafts Laboratory.

Digital Crafts Laboratory: a participative space around design.

After his studies in Architecture and experiences in several studios, where he was able to soak up different work methodologies, Francisco Gómez specialized in digital manufacturing and after ten years of experience as an architect, transformed his traditional office into a Digital Crafts Laboratory. Thus, he began to work in a participative space around design, craftsmanship and digital manufacturing. It is Fab Lab certified and allows you to manufacture your ideas without limits and to enrich yourself in a multidisciplinary way with the meetings between professionals that take place in this new space.
The Digital Crafts Laboratory that Francisco Gómez founded in 2016 allows professionals from different areas to develop their projects and initiatives. It has a wide range of services and resources and provides technical support and personalized advice adapted to each project. Francisco promotes self-learning and the active participation of each user, without ceasing to be a guide for all those who need it.


Workshop of the Digital Craftsmanship Laboratory of Francisco Gómez.

Workshop of the Digital Craftsmanship Laboratory of Francisco Gómez.

Francisco Gómez: Diversity comes to Faberin.

Francisco defines his work as heterogeneous, organic and technical as well as emotional. Inspired by nature and organic geometry, he plans his designs as a result of the technical processes that manufacture them.

Attracted by the extremes, he chooses liquid and soft forms without renouncing formal complexity.

His eagerness for the unknown makes him interested in experimenting, testing and learning about any available material. It does not give prominence to a specific material and finds, on the contrary, a possibility of design for each property. Try to explore each particularity, working with each of them. In addition, he is interested in designing with construction materials and uses design to take them out of their natural context.
No wonder, then, that what moves him are challenges and continuous learning driven by an unbridled passion for what he does. His non-conformity makes him a person in continuous improvement with a clear objective: that design becomes the core of all his work.
Francisco defines design as a means to exchange emotions and knowledge. And at Faberin we have the opportunity to feel and learn with the first piece by Francisco Gómez: Soul 4.0.

View Soul 4.0 at Faberin

After the addition of Soul 4.0 to our catalogue of exclusive products, we can’t wait to enjoy the next piece of Francisco’s work from his digital Craftsmanship Laboratory.
If, like Francisco, you are enthusiastic about design, craftsmanship and manufacturing in any of its forms, join this great platform of designers and craftsmen and you can be the first to manufacture exclusive and original pieces by international designers or, if you prefer, you can design exclusive pieces and manufacture them yourself, taking advantage of the advantages that Faberin offers you.

Words by Sara S.

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