Wooden furniture: the key elements in home decoration

by Laura S.

What are the key elements in home decoration? Wooden furniture is the key element that cannot be missing in your home.

In every home, we always have key elements that cannot be missing. For this reason, and taking advantage of the start of the course – working year (the ideal time to redecorate a space), and still looking at what we could see last week at the Habitat fair in Valencia (a key scenario in the Spanish furniture and decoration sector). We have compiled a series of sustainable, innovative and avant-garde wood furniture that play an essential role in home decoration and that we have available on the web.

The rustic trend is the deco milestone of the moment. So, what better time than to start redecorating with the incorporation of natural pieces inside the home?

Here are some of the pieces we have for sale at faberin.com

Wooden furniture to redecorate your home

Sestetto is an essential musical ensemble of six artists. In this case, the performer is a figure composed of six sides. This mirror perfectly symbolises this, as it does not give directions, so it allows one to position oneself with the orientation one prefers.

Sestetto is one of the best mirrors with a wooden frame, it is composed of the mirror and a robust solid wood frame, which becomes a reality and is produced in a handmade way.

This original and exclusive piece of design can be found in Faberin.

Don’t give up the added value of quality craftsmanship.


Sestetto / Juanny Barcelò Borges

Sestetto / Juanny Barcelò Borges


This basic piece of design is inspired by all those people who have a busy life, and comes stomping hard to make it easier. It is a mirror formed by three components that will allow you to hang the clothes next to the mirror in the first frame, which will allow you to easily join your clothes. In addition, the wooden frame simulates the frame of a painting, so hanging your favorite fabric you will get your personal work of art.

Secondly, this wooden folding screen has high quality leather hinges, allowing this folding screen to make the most of the space. These hinges have a unique shape, inspired by Japanese paper partition hinges, capable of opening 360º. Panels can be added or removed by adjusting these hinges. Finally, its design. Its simple but impeccable aesthetics adapt to all kinds of occasions and environments.

With Sen you take home a companion who helps you dress, a wall that gives you all the intimacy you need and a unique and elegant furniture that will not go unnoticed.


Biombo Sen / Yukiko Izumi

Biombo Sen / Yukiko Izumi

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At first glance Maggie is a completely necessary stool designed by Pablo Carballal, but it can be much more. As this demanding designer teaches us, it is never too much. Its original design makes it a versatile product in which you can sit down to read your favorite book or as a side table anywhere. Maggie manages to adapt to any environment with an aesthetic as minimalist as breaking. A magazine rack, a stool or whatever you need. Maggie is the multifunctional design that surprises even the most demanding.

Maggie / Pablo Carballal

Maggie / Pablo Carballal


Bookshelf is a basic beechwood shelf created exclusively by Slovakian designer Lenka Czereova.

This original bookcase interprets the moment when a tree is cut down and falls to the ground. In this way, her creator transforms a structure that seems firm and stable into a totally different one whose main characteristics are flexibility and mobility.

This piece of furniture in natural beech plywood generates this sensation of movement as it is composed of four pieces that can be connected to each other or used individually. This beech plywood furniture, the originality of this shelving lies in its novel structure capable of giving a different touch to any room.

Bookshelf / Lenka Czereova

Bookshelf / Lenka Czereova

Words by Laura S.

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