What does the Horeca channel look for in your designs?

by Sara S.

Since Faberin, the Horeca Channel has always caught our attention. It may have been because of its power of distribution or perhaps because of the advertising it exercises within the world of design, but what is clear is that it represents a unique business opportunity for various reasons.


Restaurants value it necessary to have unique pieces that are not found anywhere, and their customers also seek exclusivity in the way they consume. In other words, through inspiration based on specific functionalities such as the consumption of vegan food following a specific style or environment (minimalist, tropical …) you get a catalogue of designs of the most varied.
Whichever product the client is going to consume, he values its form of presentation and what is best, that it is the first place in which he has seen it.


In this Channel, the designs must be suitable for contact with food. It is very important to take into account the materials of the design and the suitability to eat or drink on them.
The fact that the designer tableware has a unique utility makes the design doubly interesting. The aesthetic factor is important but what makes the customer want the product is that they can really take advantage of it. Whether from the most minimalist point or from the most eccentric, your design should speak for itself. Your design is going to be presented in the most exclusive restaurants and must go according to what is presented in them.

Taza Don't cry by Lenka Kozic at Madness Café

Taza Don't cry by Lenka Kozic at Madness Café

Taza Don't cry by Lenka Kozic at Madness Café

Taza Don't cry by Lenka Kozic at Madness Café

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A tableware design is always a success, but that the design is totally original will make your local differentiate from the competition, creating a powerful brand.
The fact that your design is unique will not only surprise the consumer but will make their gastronomic experience unforgettable.

The Horeca channel: the key to success for your designs.

The activity carried out by Horeca Channel within the Distribution sector is of great relevance. This is due to the fact that it is key for the supply to catering establishments. It focuses on both local consumers and the large industries of tourism, and this allows the service to be increasingly personalized.
By presenting the most different and original designs through this channel, not only is imminent advertising obtained, but it is also made known through a prestigious channel.
Do you want to show your designs and you still don’t know how? From Faberin, we are convinced that Canal Horeca will make your designs and you gain unique visibility.

Sintonia Big by Juanny Barcelò at 'La Bocana' restaurant

Sintonia Big by Juanny Barcelò at 'La Bocana' restaurant

Sintonia Small by Juanny Barcelò at 'La Bocana' restaurant

Sintonia Small by Juanny Barcelò at 'La Bocana' restaurant

Did you know the Horeca Channel before?

HORECA is an acronym for HOteles, REstaurantes and CAfeterías. It has now become popular in many European countries thanks to multinational companies.
In the world of marketing it is used to refer to a specific audience, to the commercial actions of a specific market segment. This is something that benefits your business, since it allows you to visualize your product in a totally different way, providing the HORECA badge.

Thanks to this, the most different and original design tableware will obtain greater recognition and will be better known in the world of design and interior design.

Words by Sara S.

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