What design for Faberin?

by Laura S.

It’s no wonder that consumers are becoming more and more demanding with the designs they purchase. Times change and the needs of the design world change with them. For all this and more, from Faberin we have firmly bet on a customer Target that is ideal for the characteristics of Faberin.


Designing for Faberin is much more than giving visibility to your products. It is a commitment to careful decoration, to trends in the world of design and to the added value of products that offer unique functionality and convey special messages.

Faberin’s new customers

We target customers who are looking for different products and who value exclusivity for their business. Among these, we have detected a great interest in the Horeca Channel, Airbnb Accommodations, Window dressers and Decoration Shops.
All these customers are looking to buy unique products to turn their home into a different place.  There is also a demand for personalised products with names or personal messages to convey personal content.
On the other hand, there is the sale of the product in batches so that later it can be successively replenished and, above all, a design can be acquired and sold in your premises as merchandising that builds brand loyalty.

Canal Horeca

From Faberin, we have seen in Canal Horeca a clear business opportunity for designers. It is a group of restaurants that are looking for unique pieces that cannot be found in any decoration franchise.

Within the enormous range of possibilities offered by the demand of the world of catering, we find a clear proliferation of decorative elements, highlighting the designer tableware. This is where Canal Horeca makes a powerful commitment to careful, personal and functional designs.
Thus, the Faberin team is focused on offering the most varied products to this restaurant sector in order to offer an added and differential value: design and decoration of a unique space. It would be a good idea to design original designer tableware for Canal Horeca that differentiates these brands with powerful added value in their messages.

Being part of exclusive restaurants will give visibility to your business and you as a designer.

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Superhost of Airbnb

The host “Superhost” is another of the trends that demand more originality in decoration and design, the new role of Hoster that Airbnb presents. It is a demanding host who takes care of all the details of his apartment to offer an experience that goes beyond what a simple hotel room shows.
In this line, we recommend designing for the Airbnb Superhost to create different interior designs. Any design that deviates from the established will draw attention to this sector.
They are looking for neutral designs and white stands out for its easy combination with the rest of the designs.
Airbnb seeks simplicity in an original way, so any design can become viral if exposed in the Superhost apartments, as it can be an extraordinary showcase for your designs.

Physical Stores

This last option is not yet underway but will come very soon. You can access a two-channel strategy where you will have a first online shop window and you will be able to access the physical decoration stores if you have fallen in love with their designers before.
Designing in the 21st century is not just anyone’s job. At Faberin we know how complicated it is to stand out in a sector that is both competent and competitive at the same time, which is why we are sure that with this new multi-channel vision we will make your products echo in the world of design and decoration.

Do you dare to expose yourself in our great showcase?

Words by Laura S.

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