What are Faberin’s most successful designs?

by Sara S.

If there’s one thing we’ve seen over time, it’s that consumers have become more and more demanding. They have a clear idea of what they want, and it is not an easy task to fulfil such personal expectations.

In spite of this, Faberin has worked to develop products that are inimitable, functional and stand out from the rest of the design articles.

These design products are the most sought after for many reasons:

Design articles at unbeatable prices.

Price has always been a key variable, both for designers and manufacturers and for the end customer.

Therefore, in Faberin, we work daily to offer unique design items at optimal prices. For this, it is necessary that you take into account that your design can be manufactured with technologies that lower costs and reduce unnecessary consumption. Thus, your design will become an exclusive, original and functional product, which will offer great versatility when it comes to setting the price.

We are not saying that the price should be low as a rule, but that the price should correspond to the added value provided by the design and take into account the competition so that the final equation is optimal.

Some examples of Faberin designs below 100€ are Wave Live by Miguel Mojica or Trails Lapdesk by Juanny Barcelò.



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Original and quality visual

The visual material that accompanies your design is its letter of introduction, as you already know “an image is worth a thousand words”. It is essential to upload photographs (and videos if possible), which allow the potential client to imagine the design in real life.

If you don’t have a prototype yet, work conscientiously on the renders of your design so that they are as realistic as possible. Present your design from different perspectives, show the details that make it different and show it in context.

This aspect is key if you want our community of manufacturers to look at it to budget and put it up for sale and later, design lovers fall in love with it and decide to buy it.

An example of the visual materials preferred by consumers is Lonelamp XL, one of the favourite lamps for its aesthetics and originality.


3D printing designs: Secure bet

Thanks to the latest technologies, Faberin has made possible the optimization of energies when creating exclusive design products.

Through materials such as plastics, resins, wood, ceramics… and the most varied materials you can imagine, the most exclusive designs are created through prototypes previously devised on a computer. Thanks to 3D printing it is possible to have a design created digitally in all its dimensions, something that had not been achieved until today.

With this, we not only reduce costs, but we bet for more renewable energy and respectful with the environment. Thus, we get exclusive designs, created in an innovative way that attracts customers and also in a totally ecofriendly way.

An example of this type of design is the original lamp Kenny by designer Juanny Barceló:

In addition to designs for 3D printing, another unique opportunity is to design original dishes and supports for restoration :

Design dishes and holders: A golden opportunity

It is obvious that bars and restaurants seek to surprise their guests with an original place, a different atmosphere and a unique space.

But in the world of design not everything goes, and today is valued as a tableware stands out from the competition as the color of the curtains of a local.

In Faberin we have fresh, original and very funny designs so that even the most demanding feel satisfied by their gastronomic experience. Our customers value variety, so designing dishes and design supports for restoration, at this time, is a golden opportunity.

An example is the collection Lullably by the ceramist Mónica Bordanova:


The exclusive design supports of the specialized makers, Tito and Sofia:

O las eccentric design pieces from Piñero’s workshop:

In Faberin we have everything you need to stand out, What are you waiting for to succeed with your designs?

Words by Sara S.

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