Wave Live: the ceramic acoustic amplifier of the moment

by Laura S.

There are so many ideas carried out by the most music fanatics to give their home a different musical touch, that the world of design seems to forget its best classics: the amplifier. An instrument that can help improve the sound of your home but above all… change the way you see it, and listen to it.

Wave Live has broken with all these established ideas, and has created an acoustic amplifier developed in ceramics, something we had not yet seen in Faberin.
An ingenious design based on the mixture of black clay and white stoneware that seeks to capture the waves of the music in contrast to the piece during the turning process. The connection between the music and the finish of the piece favors a multitude of synergies that are reflected in a unique piece that results from this union.


The added value of the Wave Live is the functionality that awaits its ceramics. It is an amplifier that also allows waiting inside small objects, but mainly, the aim is to expand the sound of the objects imposed inside, as is the case of mobile phones.

New technologies advance and force us to evolve with them. In this case, we are so accustomed to living next to a mobile phone that it is the most everyday way to listen to music while running, taking a shower or just before going to sleep. The way of listening to music has evolved, and that’s why the Wave Live amplifier mainly serves to improve the sound of mobile phones.

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Music: humanity’s universal language

Its designer, Miguel Mojica wants to value the place that music occupies in people’s lives, and through the phrase that awaits his amplifier Wave Live “music is the universal language of humanity” immortalizes it in his piece of musical design forever.

The style that follows is mainly minimalist. Through one of the most traditional materials such as wood, he achieves a smooth finish that brings vitality to any style of home. It also uses wood, since sustainability is one of the fundamental principles for designers most committed to the environment.

This design comes in several colours: yellow, white, mustard, blue, aquamarine and black. And its Spanish maker Antonio Pérez Muñoz can make it especially for you in just 5 days. What are you waiting for?

The innovative minimalist triumph

They say there is a song for each of the most important moments of your life, and from Faberin, we want you to listen to it at full volume with the Wave Live amplifier. It is an original design with an important message to transmit to your home. Thanks to this amplifier, you can bring that different touch to your room, your living room or any corner of your home without letting go of the most original minimalism of the moment.
The basics are a classic, and with the Wave Live we are sure you will succeed at full volume.

Words by Laura S.

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