Wai Ho Cheung: Balance between functionality and aesthetics

by Sara S.

Continuing with our intention that you know us and our mission, today we want to introduce you to a new member of this great community around design. We think that all the professionals who are part of this platform are a reflection of Faberin. Therefore, knowing the concerns and the values that move the designers and manufacturers that are part of Faberin, you will know little by little our concerns, our values and everything that has brought us here.

A new designer has joined Faberin willing to show his designs to the world, turning them into products for sale global, free and secure.  They may also set their own royalties. And we want you to meet him and his work.

We are talking about the industrial designer Chinese Wai Ho Cheung, a young design lover, driven by curiosity and the firm objective of improving the world around him, doing what he likes most: creating.

Do you want to know more about him? Here we go!

Wai Ho Cheung, furniture designer at Faberin

Wai Ho Cheung, furniture designer at Faberin

Beginnings in the design world: From physics to product design.

Wai Ho Cheung is a young Chinese designer who has recently finished his studies in Industrial Product Design at the University of Conventry, in the United Kingdom. But, this election was not the first.

Wai Ho Cheung, originally enrolled in Physics at the University of Manchester, UK. After a year, he discovered that the specialty he was attracted to was not Physics, but Product Design. He realized that what really filled him was to carry out his own creations.  So, at the end of his first year in Physics, he decided to change course and follow in the footsteps of what he really liked: design.

Since then, he has not stopped testing his skills as a designer. Both in the academic world and in the world of work. Complementing it with the participation in different international exhibitions. Thus accumulating experience that has enriched him as a professional in the world of design. In 2017, he was recognized with the Bronze A’ Design Award for Furniture, Decorative Items And Homeware Design for his product ‘Arctic’. While in 2018, it won the Iron A’ Design Award for Furniture, Decorative Items And Homeware Design for its design ‘Dumbo’.

Nowadays he works as a freelance designer in multiple branches of design such as: product and packaging design, graphic design, interior design and especially furniture design.

Coffee table 'Artic' by furniture designer Wai Ho Cheung

Coffee table 'Artic' by furniture designer Wai Ho Cheung

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Wai Ho Cheung as designer: balance between function and aesthetics.

Wai Ho Cheung tries to combine in each of his designs the old geometry with the modern techniques. Therefore, his style includes from the retro to the more contemporary. In addition, it gives great importance to the ergonomics, because it believes that the design must be user-centred and aims to ensure that each product it creates is packaged so that the end consumer can fully enjoy it.

But there is one aspect of the current landscape that poses a big dilemma for him: Wai Ho Cheung believes that products must meet a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Because it does not find the meaning of functional products purely or of pieces that are only concerned with aesthetics.

When it comes to design, he is inspired by his dailiness. He finds inspiration even in his own dreams. In addition, it seeks to improve current products, to find the “missing link” through research, in order to create new designs that meet real needs.

Regarding his reference designers, Wai Ho Cheung, names Zaha Hadid for the visual impression given by his designs and H.R Giger for making him aware of the’nature of life’, a key aspect for him as a designer, as he creates products for humans. However, it does not follow specific trends to keep its concept fresh and unique.

Wai Ho Cheung confesses that he likes Scandinavian furniture, which is mainly made of natural materials such as wood, because he sees in it the quality of providing a better quality of life. However, he says that he uses plastic and metal more in his day to day life and says that in the future he wants to continue exploring new and different types of materials and technology.

The gravity set table by furniture designer Wai Ho Cheung

The gravity set table by furniture designer Wai Ho Cheung

New projects: Wai Ho Cheung in Faberin

Wai Ho Cheung has decided to go a step further in his career and has joined Faberin to turn his designs into products for sale in a global, safe and free way and share his talent with the world. He can say himself the value of his designs, fixing his own royalties. This step was taken with its ‘Wave’ design.

What is Wave?

Wave is an original coffee table designed by the designer Wai Ho Cheung. Its shape is simple and enhanced, with six silicone bands. The bands have a double function double function, as they are decorative as well as functional, behaving as a support for magazines, CDs, etc..

Its name is based on its shape, which is inspired by the shape of a tidal wave. In this coffee table, aesthetics also means functionality, which is what contemporary design should accomplish in the designer’s own opinion. In this case, however, the storage space is hidden between the gaps and the silicone bands, thus making the use of storage less aesthetically noticeable.

This project was developed in Hong Kong during 2016 and now, it reaches Faberin to reach any corner of the world.

Coffee table

Coffee table "Wave" by furniture designer Wai Ho Cheung in context

Coffee table

Coffee table "Wave" by furniture designer Wai Ho Cheung, soon at Faberin

If you are a furniture, industrial or product designer and want to turn your projects into products for sale, don’t hesitate to join Faberin. Enjoy the advantages to be part of this great community of design lovers. Take the plunge: Show your talent to the world!

We’re waiting for you!

Words by Sara S.

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