Trends in outdoor decoration

by Laura S.

From Faberin it is clear to us: Who has a garden has a treasure!
Having an outdoor space in your home or business offers you a series of unique opportunities to highlight and bring out your funniest side.
If you are thinking about how to prepare your terrace or garden for this summer with innovative ideas and above all with unique and exclusive designs… We have what you need!

Fresh and original colours

Originality is something that never goes out of style. In the world of design it is increasingly valued that a space is unique and different, sometimes even above the means employed.
Now that the weather is good, it’s time to inject vibrant colors into outdoor furniture and accessories. Neutral colours are still the favourites, especially white and wood, as they can adapt to any style while respecting your personality.
The blue range is stepping heavily this season, and the styles that stand out are the sailor, the Mediterranean and the retro.
Mixing these colors can be a bold idea, but also gives very good results.

Different lamps to create your own outdoor space

This year we have found a great growth in the solar market as far as garden is concerned. This sustainable trend focuses on lighting through solar lamps. These lamps are not only one of the cheapest, but you will also be helping the environment.
Demoiselle is one of the most sought-after lamps at the moment. This lamp has been created in ceramics to represent the women’s dresses of the French Rococo period and the flowering of spring. Thanks to its materials, it is totally respectful of the environment both in its creation and in its functionality. In addition, white adds a neutral touch to any setting. It can be combined with other solar lamps to provide greater variety and elegance.

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Ceramic floors: the apex of any garden

If in previous seasons wood has stood out, it has also been harshly criticised for the contras that such a material presented when the heat arrives and this type of floor is exposed to water.
Ceramic floors with a wood effect are the order of the day in garden design. They resist scratches, stains and heat. And if that wasn’t enough, they have evolved into a mixture of different stones to reflect a wide range of possibilities, tones and colors within your garden.

You can combine this type of floor with wooden furniture such as Comb, a minimalist design that adapts to any space while maintaining the style you need.
Another option would be to opt for Estefanía, a rustic style wooden side table that thanks to its functional design will allow you to use it in any environment and situation.

Take advantage of these trends in outdoor decoration and show what you can do! From Faberin, we are sure that with originality, no space will resist you.

Words by Laura S.

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