Trends in manufacturing: The value of digital craftsmanship

by Laura S.

Since the Industrial Revolution, craftsmanship has been modified in a definitive way. Everything has taken an unexpected turn and now technologies merge with craftsmanship to surprise us.

The digital craftsmen combine care in the choice and treatment of materials with the incorporation of the latest technologies. This allows them to speed up their work and also to access a new range of possibilities that diversifies their offer enormously. Thus, digital artisans have gradually moved closer to the world of design, until merging with it.

In Faberin, these craftsmen find their place: A wide variety of designs await them to create their own catalogue of products for sale online.

Interior design: the latest trends

Nowadays, craftsman designs become much more personal. They try to cover a much deeper need for the user: to complete some part of it. Therefore, from Faberin we want to encourage these small manufacturers to take a step further and risk on safety with these trends in design 2019.

The styles that predominate in interior decoration within digital craftsmanship are many:


This interior design combines the Nordic style with the Japanese. At Faberin we have digitally manufactured designs that take on the modern style but are also able to embrace the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics. Is there anything better than enjoying what is always like never before?

The design Cube by Nelson Araújo is a faithful example of this trend. Thanks to digital craftsmanship and Nordic style, it presents a perfect cube with the right detail. This provides in its commercialization phase a differentiating factor from the rest of the articles, something key when choosing a unique product. In addition, being created by digital manufacturing allows adapting to the size that the consumer prefers, being one of the most competitive products of the moment.

Wabi Sabi:

Our digital craftsmen highlight the beauty of the old, of the worn. Inspired by popular art designs and vintage pieces, a new form of digital manufacturing appears that provides various textures, patterns and colours that offer the user a surprise factor that can not allow itself to pass if it is not to enter their home. Retro but modern.

With ‘Demoiselle’, the design of Juanny Barcelò, we embody this trend with a very special lamp inspired by the retro style. Inspired by the feminine dresses of the French Rococo period and the flowering of flowers in spring and with simple and elegant lines, manages to bring the past to the present in an impeccable way.

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Nature is not far from technology. This dichotomy is still a big question for many design lovers, and at Faberin we believe that rustic cannot go out of style. This is demonstrated by digital craftsmen, creating through modern systems and latest generations designs that increasingly advocate articles with recycled materials or finished in natural tones.

Juhta is a multifunctional design based on this trend. It can become a rustic magazine rack, and even a seesaw for the smallest of the house by simply turning it over. Digital manufacturing is that versatile, combining the ingenious with the old. A totally ecological design by Mikko Hannula.

Digital Crafts: The New Era of Design

Based on these trends, digital artisans are able to create novel items with traditional features that are perceived as more attractive than ever.

The maker knows what we’re talking about. There are no longer any material restrictions, and the new technologies offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the best of digital design within everyone’s reach.

At Faberin we have numerous articles created through digital craftsmanship. The interior design is advancing by leaps and bounds and leaves us two options: adapt or die.

The new era of design is innovative and irreversibly digital. Custom design becomes valuable and exclusivity is no longer beyond the reach of many.

At Faberin we don’t want to miss this train and we bet on digital manufacturing as a construction weapon, Do you aim?


Words by Laura S.

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