Trends in decoration for designers that will sweep away

by Laura S.

At Faberin we have been spectators of the extraordinary boom that product designers have experienced over time. This is not only due to the creation of their new designs, but also to the work that exists previously when trying to understand what a consumer needs at home.

The trends that will give designers ideas next spring/summer season include increasingly natural and clear colours. The nude tonalities or trends like the millennial pink continue resisting in the time. Interiors entirely in white colors lose the protagonism that until now we gave them, opening the way to a new world of natural designs but not white.

We began to see how black design becomes more and more notorious as an essentially elegant resource and a basic that never goes out of fashion. The darker colors are transferred to the kitchen, while the natural ones continue to stand out for the rest of the home.

More is never too much

Mixing styles is a resource that more and more designers are accessing. The reason is clear: more is never too much.

By mixing two or more styles we get an interior design rich in variety, with personality and very striking.

That’s why furniture designs are becoming more and more alternative, doors can no longer be closed to a particular style, and a product design can be adjusted to a thousand different styles.

Retro style blends perfectly with modern salons, vintage style is in perfect harmony with homes with older styles… and so on.

In addition to the wide range of this season’s colors, the sizes will also take on a notorious importance. The furniture goes out of the established route and breaks with the standards of established sizes, that is why now any product can surprise by its size, even attract more to the consumer for it.

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Materials: the gold base

Design trends ensure that using more natural and less saturated colours increases the use of wood and natural stone, even including cement and concrete within the most sought-after materials this season.

As a result of these furniture trends, we find decorative items such as vases and decorative figures that have resulted from these materials and make it impossible not to include them in our top product list of 2019.

Among the most outstanding materials we find terrazzo, which acquires great prominence in the decoration of all the rooms of the home thanks to the versatility offered by its chromatic range and its infinite combinations of colours.

As far as fabrics are concerned, sustainable materials stand out above everything else. Consumers do not want to have a beautiful design, they want to have something that makes the world a better place and in which they feel they are doing their bit.

It is clear that design does not lose importance, but sustainable materials gain weight and are the favorites par excellence when choosing one design or another.

At Faberin we believe that sustainability and innovation will never go out of fashion. That is why we encourage all designers who want to advance as professionals to manufacture with Faberin to enrich their trajectory with a different perspective.

What are you waiting for to soak up the best trends with Faberin?

Words by Laura S.

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