Trends in decoration 2019: Kenny, the lamp of the moment

by Laura S.

Faberin never ceases to surprise us with new designs full of imagination. This is how Kenny was born, an original product designed by Juanny Barceló to stand out from the rest of the lamps we knew until now.

The trend in decoration 2019 has changed a lot over time. Nowadays, the products that tell a story stand out and that value the originality, the functionality and the raw material used in the product.

In this dichotomy between functionality and aesthetics comes Kenny, since it is a very committed product with a design that conquers big and small.


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Kenny: the most environmentally friendly lamp

Kenny has been created through environmentally friendly biodegradable thermoplastics. Pollution is one of the main concerns of consumers, and product creators take this into account when designing.

This elephant-shaped lamp has been printed in 3D using the latest technologies to increase its efficiency and make the most of its raw materials.

It is characterized by essential graphic and sculptural lines that fascinate both children and adults.

It has been created in white, so it adapts to any style and combines perfectly with any color.

In addition, its creation by biodegradable thermoplastics is positioned as one of the best alternatives to durable plastics. Since there are functional technologies capable of reducing waste and improving the useful life of products, it is necessary that they are used with thoroughness.

From Faberin we are sure that having biodegradable materials for product production increases compliance effectiveness to achieve the desired benefits for consumers and product designers.

3D printing: novelty and technological advance that improves any design

Any design is no longer good. Consumers are aware that we live in the technological age and are increasingly demanding of the world of design. That’s why it’s a good idea to use all the weapons you have to stand out from the rest of your competitors’ products.

Kenny is a lamp created through 3D printing to increase the advantages of product production.

Among these advantages, we can highlight the manufacture of products, as a single 3D print is capable of making countless different products.

On the other hand, it manages to reduce costs, personalize the product adapting to the most specific and demanding guidelines… among many other advantages.

In the world of design, 3D printing makes it possible to create prototypes until the expected result is achieved, and it also makes the necessary replicas, so if in any case we need an exact copy of this design… with 3D printing there are no last minute problems.

The Contemporary style that does not go out of fashion

Kenny presents a modern and contemporary design that blends perfectly with the most varied styles.

This elephant-shaped lamp tends towards simplicity, its style fits with smooth surfaces, clean straight lines, but also with rough surfaces and the most original prints.

It achieves a harmonious style and brings a great sense of stability and balance to any space.

Thanks to its natural and vivid colour, the contrast it offers and the quality of its design, Kenny is a lamp that, without a doubt, promises to give a lot to talk about this year.

From Faberin we have it clear, what are you waiting for to surprise with Kenny?

Words by Laura S.

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