Trends in CNC kitchen tools

by Laura S.

From Faberin we know that technologies change the way we consume and also the way we live. That is why kitchen utensils have evolved both to improve their functionality and technical characteristics and to stand out for their designs.

CNC technology has driven the world of design thanks to the motive energy demanded by a constant search for increasingly efficient processes when creating products. This directly affects the design products, facilitating their creation and making possible any form or aesthetic no matter how impossible it might be without this technology.

Trends in functional design: Recursive Hexagonals

This wooden tablecloth is inspired by the Recursive Graph or also known as Droste Effect, which consists of showing an image which in turn contains a smaller version of itself and which in turn returns to contain a smaller image of itself… and so on.

This allowed the different multifunction objects to be obtained from a single panel to reduce production waste thanks to CNC machinery. Less material is used but in an intelligent way, resulting in a unique design that also respects the environment.

This innovative process brings with it a unique piece of craftsmanship that you can make the most of in your everyday life.

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Functional Design Trends: Joe

Joe is a wooden spaghetti meter that presents a minimalist and sinuous aesthetics. It was inspired by a classic Italian design ‘Tube Chair’ by Joe Colombo, hence its name.

This meter is an object obtained by CNC cutting from a single panel to optimize the production process.

Thanks to Joe, you can measure the amount of spaghetti you need for one, two, three and up to four people.

With the most functional style, this design will make your day-to-day life easier and will serve as a decorative object to make your kitchen stand out above the rest.

From Faberin we know that new technologies demand more and more attention from design manufacturers. Therefore, incorporating CNC technology to the main designs not only makes us advance as a society, but also eliminates any limit established when designing.

What are you waiting for to make your kitchen your new favorite place in the world thanks to these designs?


Benefits and advantages of CNC technology

Thanks to CNC technology, many processes have become viable in the industrial environment, where waiting time is speeded up, costs and raw materials are minimised and maximum production quality is maintained. By automating manufacturing processes to the design of machines that could be programmed to automatically perform any task, the design no longer has more limits than the imagination.

Among the main advantages of using CNC machinery when creating a product stands out:

The improvement of precision: thanks to computer programs, the precision of the design is improved in comparison with mechanical machines that operate manually.

Improved safety: The physical danger faced by a worker who is directly exposed to cutting tools disappears.

Touching perfection: the process integrates operations capable of performing the same process hundreds of times with the same level of perfection.

Reduction of waste: CNC machines are designed with management systems for chips resulting from machining or cutting processes, when removed automatically produces cleaner workspaces.

Execution of complex processes: CNC machinery is capable of executing the most complex processes that without them would require great effort and time to be done by hand. All that is needed to make a design possible is to configure the machine and integrate the necessary programs.

Thanks to all these advantages, Juanny Barceló has created two unique products to make possible a unique experience inside your kitchen.

Words by Laura S.

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