The design of Juanma Domínguez: Aesthetic and functional originality.

by Sara S.

As you know, we believe that transparency and confidence are fundamental pillars in any relationship. Therefore, it is enriching for the community to go beyond the screens of our computers and mobiles and know who is behind each of the profiles in Faberin. We believe that the stability, durability and strength of the connections depends on this, on removing the barriers of space and time and knowing the history behind every professional and every design that is part of Faberin. Get to know the story of that person from the other side of the globe or from your own city, who shares your same passion, the same work or who can help you to market your designs.

It is vital for us that you know first-hand every new addition that enriches our platform. Today we would like to introduce a new designer that joins Faberin enjoying the advantages which means sharing your designs with the world, turning them into products for sale, setting their own royalties.

He is Juanma Domínguez, a natural industrial designer from Jumilla (Murcia) with 15 years of experience in design, since he finished his training in industrial design in 2003. His creative and versatile personality and his passion for design make him a professional who has not stopped creating and testing in the world of design. Today we discover more about him, his designs and his career.

Without further ado, let’s go there!

Juanma Domínguez product designer at Faberin

Juanma Domínguez product designer at Faberin

The road to here: trajectory in the world of design.

Juanma Domínguez was clear from an early age that design was his thing, he was passionate about the prototypes of futuristic car designs that he saw in magazines and on stickers. With the innocence and illusion of a child, he decided that he would move towards engineering and design, and he did so.

Driven by the firm determination that his ideas should not remain in his head or on a paper that would end up getting lost or broken, but should be shared and made real, he began to design.

After completing his training as an industrial designer, in 2003 he started working in the technical office of a company in the furniture and wood sector. As Technical Office Manager, he developed planimetry and documentation for manufacturing, CNC programming, etc.

He has been working in the technical office of the furniture company ‘Sancal Diseño’ for 10 years.

As industrial designer he has designed several products; the first one called `Perigallo’, a folding stool, winner of the 2nd prize of the international design competition of CETEM in 2014. After several years, in 2017, he designed two tables that he also presented at the CETEM international design competition, where both were awarded first and third prize.

In addition to working in technical offices and developing his own projects, Juanma has also worked as a graphic designer, designing wine labels, logos, tariff layout, packaging…

Without a doubt, Juanma Dominguez is a designer multidisciplinary attracted by the novelty and challenges. He confesses that he still has a lot to learn and travel and many experiences to live and designs to transform into reality.

'The wine table' by industrial designer Juanma Domínguez

'The wine table' by industrial designer Juanma Domínguez

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The design of Juanma Domínguez: aesthetic and functional originality.

Juanma Domínguez defines his designs as original and nice, alludes to the fact that they are timeless and their originality resides both in their aesthetics and in their use and function.

As a designer, he admits that he loves itfusing concepts and always designs with manufacturing in mind, how it will be manufactured, which materials will be used, etc., at least in the furniture sector, which he knows from his experience in technical offices. In addition, he is motivated by the fact that he arouses emotions with each of his new creations.

It does not box its designs in any particular style, it ensures that it does not accommodate any technique or aesthetics. It is adapted according to the needs and the character of the project.

When it comes to design, it is inspired by any object, situation, need or activity in its surroundings. The smallest detail can awaken in him the inspiration and the will to create. As for the materials, Juanma is a lover of wood and its possibilities, renewability, variety and nobility.

Regarding his references, he shows great admiration for the work of his colleagues Juan Ibáñez and Rafa García, of which he is a daily participant. She is also very interested in the designer’s products Patricia Urquiola.

We already know a little about the characteristics, values and materials that identify Juanma Domínguez’s design.

But, What is the design for it?

Juanma replied with complete sincerity: “Design is my passion, vocation and profession. Passion is my engine, and my engine my heart.”

Juanma Domínguez in Faberin: ‘The fifth table’

Juanma Domínguez has decided to go one step further in her professional career and join Faberin to share her designs with the world. You have decided to turn your ideas into products for sale globally. This step was taken with the design ‘The Quintos Table’.

What is The Quintos Table?

Imagine that you and your friends can enjoy that first drink of beer by opening the bottles in unison. Imagine surprising your loved ones when your table catches the plate with a magnet when you open the bottle and it doesn’t fall on the floor.

The fifth table has arrived to help you in all these situations, the incorporation of an opener in each one of its legs will offer you total comfort in each one of your meetings of friends. In addition, its design is characterized by an impeccable line, and its simplicity and purity allows it to adapt to any space and decoration. In addition, you can choose your’Quintos table’ with ash or krion finish and its round or square table top, depending on how best it suits you and your space.

The best? It’s now available in Faberin!


Discover ‘The quintos table’ in Faberin

If you are a furniture, industrial or product designer and want to turn your projects into products for sale, don’t hesitate to join Faberin. Enjoy the advantages to be part of this great community of design lovers. Take the stepShow your talent to the world!

We’re waiting for you!

Words by Sara S.

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