The Chignon lamp: the design where to hang your dreams

by Laura S.

At Faberin we believe that lighting has become one of the fundamental bases of decoration.

A good lamp not only completely changes the environment in which the customer is located. It also allows you to modify the aesthetics of your restaurant without moving a piece of furniture, the Chignon pendant lamp has this power.

It is one of the trends in local lighting, both for its original design and the way it allows it to develop new technologies. Chignon has been created through 3D printing. Inspired by the Chignon ribbon, this ceiling lamp represents one of the most traditional hairstyles. In it the hair is gently knotted at the nape of the neck. This design lamp is an original idea for those looking to turn a common space into a unique location.

The most sustainable trend for your local

The Chignon lamp has been created through biodegradable thermoplastics that respect the environment. This not only reduces waste, but by using renewable materials the cost is lowered. Climate change has led to a great awareness of global warming. This is being echoed in all sectors, and as could not be otherwise, also in the world of design.consumers are as concerned about the aesthetics they are going to enjoy as the fact that they are taking advantage of a sustainable design in the most responsible way.

Lamps have become an indispensable option in new businesses. They denote personality, and it is a different way of bringing light to the premises, both for the aesthetics and for the play of shadows that it manages to form. in this case, Chignon respects the space by providing a modern touch and with a lot of personality.

For all this and more, the Chignon pendant lamp is a great success for your business, no matter what style you have.


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The importance of lamps in the decoration of your premises

The design and aesthetics of your premises will be your letter of presentation. Demonstrating that you value every detail you will make the consumer see your cafe or restaurant with other eyes.

If you want your clients to value your space as a unique place, with personality and that bets on modern and sustainable designs, the Chignon lamp is all you need. With this lamp designed by Juanny Barceló you will make your business stand out from the competition in an extraordinary way.

What are you waiting for to reach the top with Faberin?

Words by Laura S.

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