Special 3D lighting: The best selection in designer lamps

by Laura S.

Summer seems to be the favourite time to illuminate spaces in a more special way. Terraces, beach bars, even balconies and terraces seem to take on a special light.

From Faberin we have made a careful selection of the most outstanding designs that are treading hard for their aesthetics, their eco nature and for their extraordinary 3D manufacture.

Get ready to discover 6 original designer lamps created exclusively for Faberin

Distinguish your decor from the rest!

Candel Home

This set of 4 designer lamps positions Candel as one of the most sought-after minimalist designs of the moment. It symbolizes the energetic fire and represents the shape of its flames to make its aesthetics something striking and different from everyday lamps.

Candel is able to change the environment of any space with the unique behavior of fire, moreover, the most surprising thing is that as a source of energy use your own mobile.

If what you are looking for is to buy different lamps that stand out from the rest of the designs, without a doubt it is what you are looking for. Its manufacture developed in 3D printing makes you enjoy the size that best suits you.

Candel is the minimalist lamp you need.


This design lamp surprises with its design created through 3D printing. It has been inspired by the chignon bow, which is an original and eye-catching hairstyle in which the hair is gently tied at the nape of the neck, generally used on occasions as special as this lamp is.

Chignon is a pendant lamp that brings a magical look to any space.

In addition, it has been created through biodegradable thermoplastics, so it respects the environment in a magical way.

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Kenny is a fun elephant-shaped lamp. This unique piece has been manufactured through 3D printing. With a wild, avant-garde and totally minimalist style, it manages to bring a lively and different atmosphere to any space.

Its essential graphic and sculptural lines have fascinated both children and adults. It has been made using biodegradable thermoplastics to respect the environment in its manufacture.

Lonelamp Collection

With this collection of designer lamps, not only will you save on your light bill thanks to its light source LED very low power consumption and high performance, you will also stand out for the history conveyed by this supportive design.

LoneLamp is a uniquely designed lamp inspired by the struggle for survival of Lone, a refugee who seeks his place in the world and has a very special ability: to illuminate our lives.

Its designer and manufacturer, Javier Mañas, donates 5€ for each unit sold to the NGO Proactiva Open Arms, a non-profit organisation that carries out rescue and first aid work for refugees on the Greek coasts and in the Central Mediterranean. LoneLamp can be used in 3 positions, each of which will provide a more direct or diffuse light, and can be used to illuminate a room, such as ambient light or reading lamp.

3D Demoiselle

Demoiselle is a collection of pendant lamps created through 3D printing. They have been created through the inspiration of the feminine dresses of the French Rococo period and the flowering of the flowers in spring. These clothes were decorated with small flowers.

It is made with high-quality 3D printing technology and biodegradable thermoplastic materials. It is produced at the request of the consumer and in limited quantities in the commitment of its creator to responsible use of natural resources and respect for the environment.


This table lamp provides the best ambient lighting in the home. Aalvor is inspired by the organic geometries of Alvar Aalto and the Nordic winter landscape. Ice, water and wood coexist in this particular timeless Christmas tree integrating three digital manufacturing techniques, respecting the environment with the best technological advances.

Its main white piece has been printed in 3D.

This selection of designer lamps shows a common feature in all of them: their eco nature. All these lamps use biodegradable materials and also represent a before and after in the world of design for the fact that it involves acquiring a design product manufactured through the innovative and revolutionary 3D printing.


At Faberin we are confident that they will exceed your expectations. What are you waiting for?

Words by Laura S.

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