Soul 4.0, the perfect gift for Mother’s Day

by Laura S.

It’s getting harder and harder to come up with the perfect gift. On a day as special as Mother’s Day, not only is it a matter of giving something beautiful and tasty, but many other factors are valued, such as originality, functionality and today’s star point: sustainability.
That the products we use and give are respectful of the environment is something that worries more and more people, and from Faberin we are sure that we have the perfect gift that meets all these conditions.
Soul 4.0 is a vase that embodies elegance. It is a unique piece of original design and geometric lines, has been created thanks to 3D printing by architect Francisco Gomez. This design gives the spaces a totally renewed, contemporary and modern atmosphere. It is a real success for those who seek to surprise the women who have given them life with bouquets of flowers. You can find it in different sizes, so the adaptation to the rooms of your home and your needs are more than assured.

Flower yourself with the perfect gift: Soul 4.0

There’s nothing better than decorating a home with style and personality, and above all, with a lot of personality. The vases are one of the preferred objects par excellence for this. Whether they are placed fresh, artificial flowers or simply used as a decorative element, they stand out from the rest of the articles and give your space a totally different elegant touch.
The value charged by design pieces goes beyond the economic. Choosing a special item, which takes between 5 and 6 days to be made with great care, with renewable materials and through the latest technological advances… is priceless.
From Faberin we believe that elegance and innovation have spoken, and no doubt to surprise us.
Among the most sought after vases, Soul 4.0 stands out for its modern and contemporary design. Its aesthetics play with the lines forming geometric forms that will make your home not go unnoticed. You can also choose between black and white.

Biodegradable thermoplastics: the most environmentally friendly gift

This vase has been created through biodegradable thermoplastics, is designed so that by the action of living organisms, use it as a source of carbon and can consume that plastic material.
The accumulation of non-renewable materials is increasingly worrying the world of design. Not only do we pollute the environment, but we contribute to making it increasingly difficult to sustain a renewable world.
At the end of their useful life, articles like Soul 4.0 can be biodegraded by the action of microorganisms, something that strongly helps the environment.
The environmental complications posed by poor waste management require a wake-up call from all to establish alternatives that lead us to opt for biodegradability to achieve the necessary benefits.
If you still don’t know what to give: give environmental awareness, give elegance, give Soul 4.0 .

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Words by Laura S.

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