Sintonía: The dishes that will make your establishment triumphant

by Laura S.

Many establishments use original crockery to stand out from the competition. From Faberin, we present Sintonía, crockery for the hotel industry that will leave you speechless and your customers eager to repeat their experience in your premises.

Sintonía is crockery that has been conceived by the Italian designer Juanny Barceló to provide coherence, style and harmony in all its forms. This collection is characterized by its sinuous curves, which give each piece a unique personality that fits any style. In addition, this collection is made of ceramic, and this material provides great versatility when adapting to any establishment. The brown colour adds elegance to the restaurant crockery.

In addition, its material is fresh and ideal for storing fruit. Without a doubt, this is a design piece that could work as a plate or fruit bowl as well as a decorative element, thus fulfilling a double function.


Sintonía: the most versatile designer tableware for your establishment

Crockery for the hotel and catering industry is becoming more and more valuable for the consumer. It’s a way of demonstrating that your business cares as much about the form as the substance of the dining experience that the customer is going to receive. With Sintonía you will present the dishes for a ceramic restaurant that will not go unnoticed.

Ceramics are mainly based on a classic style that has always opted for minimalism and simplicity when decorating interiors and establishments.
But times change and so do the rules of the game. More and more designers are daring to incorporate ceramics into vintage, modern or even retro styles.

The versatility offered by this material with Sintonía allows you to play with the way of presenting it in your local in a thousand ways, since this tableware can present your dishes but also serve as a decorative element within your establishment.

The keys to betting on the traditional style

The ceramic creates spectacular optical effects, allowing the colors of your plate to be appreciated in a much more striking way capturing the attention of the consumer.

The brown colour has always been part of a soft chromatic range, so it stimulates the senses of those who at first glance see their food in a dish of such a particular design.

Sintonía is a classic solution to the most modern demands, it allows you to create exclusive environments where the fusion between the old and the avant-garde give rise to a style with a lot of personality that will make your establishment stand out by far.

With these catering dishes we just need a little imagination and some good taste to make your restaurant unique.

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Harmony is served

Thanks to Sintonía you will have the best aesthetic resource when it comes to combining it with any decorative style.

The rustic uses ceramic pieces that imitate slate, natural stones are also frequent in this decorative line. On the other hand, in the classic style we can combine it with traditional mosaics or decorative borders; and last but not least, if your style is avant-garde, this is your place.

Sintonía presents the best dishes for restaurants as it allows you to combine it with an infinity of bright colours, an escape route that will allow you to give free rein to your imagination whatever your style.

From Faberin we are convinced that there are things and above all materials that will never go out of fashion, this is the case of ceramics and our wonderful hotelware Sintonía is the living reflection of it.

What are you waiting for to give that boost to your business with Sintonía?

Words by Laura S.

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