Silvia Ceñal : Simple, functional and colourful design

by Vicente C.

Silvia Ceñal, a product designer and technical engineer from the University of the Basque Country, founded her own design studio in 2015 where her original designs are created. On this occasion we had the opportunity to talk to her and get her to tell us more about her career and projects.

Diseñadora Silvia Ceñal

Diseñadora Silvia Ceñal

Silvia has recently joined Faberin with her original Une design. Can you imagine Une in your house? Then find it at Faberin.

Do you want to know what it’s about? She will explain it to us later.

Une by Silvia Ceñal

Une by Silvia Ceñal

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Silvia Ceñal

Une, it’s a new way of collecting moments. The idea was to create a frame that was out of the ordinary from a lifelong frame. To do this, we used totally different materials such as cork and sheet metal. In addition, we wanted it to be a piece that would adapt to each person. That’s why we created a frame that consists of three pieces: a cork base, a metal plate and the magnets. A simple, functional and timeless design.


Do you want to know more about Silvia?

Silvia answers some questions we asked her to find out more about her and her work. Keep reading because you can’t miss it.

Silvia, how would you define your style?

I would define it as simple, personal and colorful. I always try to design simple and functional pieces, but taking into account the needs of the person to whom it is addressed. And whenever I can, I like to apply colour to my designs.

When and why did you decide to start designing / manufacturing?

I discovered the world of product design when I studied a master’s degree in furniture design at the IED. Then I worked for 4 years at Stone Designs, where I was able to work on various furniture and interior design projects. And almost 5 years ago I decided to create my own studio.

How would you define the pieces you create? 

I like to be faithful to my style, to design simple, personal pieces with a touch of colour. I also like them to be timeless.

What experience do you have in the world of 3D printing? 

This last year I have been able to work on a couple of pieces with the idea of printing them in 3d. The truth is that it is a whole world and I have loved it.

What inspires you when designing/manufacturing?

I am inspired by everyday details, nature, places I know when I travel, other objects, manufacturing techniques, it’s a very wide range.  The question is to always be open-eyed and curious.

What is emotional design for you?

For me, emotional design is a design that makes emotions flourish. Since we feel more linked to a design that is close and personal.

What material do you usually work with?

I like to work a lot with wood and fabrics.

What values move you when you design/manufacture?

I like to be faithful to the original idea of design. Also, to be honest with what I design.

How has digital manufacturing changed?

In my opinion, digital manufacturing has made creating or making pieces easier and more accessible to everyone.

What do you think Faberin brings to you? And what do you think you bring to Faberin?

Faberin is a huge window where I can exhibit my designs. Furthermore, I have access to craftsmen and small manufacturers, which would otherwise be much more difficult.

We hope you liked it, we at Faberin have enjoyed it very much and we thank Silvia for her time as well as the trust she has placed in us to publish her design and thus make it available to all our users around the world.


Words by Vicente C.

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