Sen: the most groundbreaking Japanese minimalism

by Laura

At Faberin we have always thought that minimalism and simplicity are two traits that never go out of fashion in interior furniture. Sen is a firm commitment to the traditional style that captivates more and more homes.

The Sen folding screen is inspired by the simplest functionality of all: it is a piece of furniture that is formed by a folding mirror that allows you to hang your clothes and brings a totally different chic touch to your home whatever your style.
Not only will it facilitate the organization of your clothes, but thanks to its wooden frame it simulates the frame of a painting… something that leaves it up to you to decide which work of art you want to carry out every day.

Sen incorporates high-quality leather hinges, allowing you to fold the screen and make the most of the space. In addition, these hinges have a shape as different as special, as they have been inspired by the participation hinges of Japanese paper. This allows them to open 360º, a real pass for the most demanding as it allows you to organize your room in the most complete way without sacrificing the most innovative design.

The panels can be added or removed depending on the adjustment chosen in their hinges. Its design is simple but groundbreaking. It adapts to all environments regardless of the style chosen. With “Sen” you will no longer need help organizing your clothes or dressing, and intimacy has never had so much personality.

Without a doubt, one of the most elegant and functional designer furniture of the moment.

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A different screen

Sen‘s main composition is wood, one of the most sustainable materials.

In terms of colour, it is a classic that never goes out of style. Wood is a colour that is always associated with the most neutral styles and yet combines with the most retro or extroverted. From a screen, its designer Yukiko Izumi has created an explosion of options at the service of lovers of fashion, design and order.
It is a piece of furniture that breaks with all the established schemes. This modern piece of furniture does not require any kind of work to separate different environments in the home itself. This allows differentiating sections of the room according to the needs of each one.

In many homes, the rooms share the same space, as for example the famous living-dining room, places where people divide these parts without affecting the balance and space of the place.

Using a screen at home not only achieves a perfect division of space, but we can also bring to the area a much more creative, dynamic and personalized.

Style and functionality within reach of the most demanding

The screens have always been considered as simple and decorative pieces of furniture, but Sen breaks with the best-valued idealizations.

Not only does it improve the functionality and the meaning of the screen itself, but through its design it tells a story that is difficult to transmit in any other way, and it is that sometimes the best mirror in which we can look is the one in which we feel best.

Thus, Sen allows you to complete this design piece of furniture with the clothes or complements that you decide, so that your screen says so much about you that it manages to define you.

Trend and simplicity: traditional furniture

At Faberin we are convinced that traditional decoration represents a modern style that is on the rise. Wood is a classic that does not go out of fashion, both for its colour and for the softness and the most characteristic features of its composition.
Being a traditional style, with this design we see a totally revolutionary evolution in its functionality, as it combines the most inseparable dichotomy: simplicity and personality, two of the most sought-after features in the world of interior design.
This evolution is one of the most sought-after fashions today, especially for its welcoming nuance.

If what you are looking for is for your home to adapt to your own style without getting rid of the great classics, without a doubt Sen is what you were looking for.

At Faberin we are committed to designer furniture that not only speaks for itself, but also has something to say, and without a doubt, Sen tells us what we have been asking ourselves for a long time.

Words by Laura

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