Ricardo Moratti: Contemporary style under unpredictable angles.

by Laura S.

More and more designers are leaving their comfort zone and take another step in their professional careers, turning their designs into products for sale.

From Faberin, we are happy to be able to witness how more and more designers join our community to be visible internationally to turn their designs into reality and create unique products, enjoying the advantages of being part of Faberin.

As you know, we like nothing more than to introduce you to every professional who joins us. This time, we are talking about one of the most promising artists and committed to the environment of the moment: The furniture designer Brazilian Ricardo Moratti.

Ricardo Moratti, brazilian designer at Faberin

Ricardo Moratti, brazilian designer at Faberin

Ricardo’s beginnings in the world of design.

“I give myself all the possibilities of being to change paths as many times as I feel necessary”, this is how the Brazilian designer defines himself.

Ricardo began to design motivated by the need to create new things, always liked to make a difference. He began to design by entering the furniture industry. Seeing the composition of that structure, he decided he wanted to be part of that creative world. The inspiration was unstoppable.

To show the world what his way of thinking is through his designs is the purpose of his works since as he himself assures, the design is something that is in his DNA, and therefore, goes with him anywhere.

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Transmit values: essential in your designs

The aesthetics are the letter of presentation of a product. It shows the care, dedication and professionalism of its creator. But in an increasingly innovative and changing market, it is not only the outside world that is valued in the world of decoration and design.

Today’s leading brands seek to convey a value-laden meaning in their products. For this reason, a design that conveys a valuable meaning has twice the impact than another that can have a perfect aesthetics… but without background.

Ricardo has a totally different contemporary style , based on straight lines and unpredictable angles. The inspiration comes from the need to create new products in a different way, and the design evolves according to the needs of the user at any given time.

Among the most important values that Ricardo Moratti wants to transmit in his works, the sustainability stands out above all. An essential value to create your furniture without damaging the environment .

The materials preferred by Ricardo Moratti

As we’ve already seen, it’s just as important for Ricardo to take care of aesthetics as the meaning that this design can transmit, but… What are his favourite materials?

The wood is one of the ecological materials preferred by the most important designers. It is a warm, modern, natural material and the most important thing: renewable . Not only is it recyclable and less harmful to the environment, but it is also easy to handle in production. It also allows to regulate the humidity since its pores are not covered with any substance.

On the other hand, metal provides an infinite variety of shapes and aspects, something that makes the task of user satisfaction much easier.

As we have already seen, Ricardo is a designer dedicated to his works and with an awareness of environmental responsibility very necessary in this society. His future undoubtedly looks promising and we look forward to seeing what designs he will bring to our international platform for local manufacturers to produce and, of course, for consumers around the world to buy.

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Words by Laura S.

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