Mikko Hannula: Renewing Nordic Design

by Sara S.

“Integrating design into life “, the motto of Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 project, describes the kind of Nordic design that Finnish Mikko Hannula follows. Functional, elegant and refined design with a personal touch, do you want to know more?

During this entry we will talk to you about this type of design as well as about its conversion, made by the Finnish Mikko Hannula, designer we are lucky to have in Faberin.

Mikko Hannula

Mikko Hannula

Nordic design? Tell me more!

Well, let’s start with some of its features to give you an idea and I’m sure that some images of products that meet them will come to your mind:

Functionality, this means that products are both useful and practical

Straight and clean lines.

Lighting with pastel shades such as white or nude is especially important.

The use of wood as a star material.

Simplicity and elegance.

Did you know these characteristics?

And now we continue to tell you another curiosity

This design is also known as democratic design, why?

After the Second World War design in the Nordic countries played a major role in the construction of its identity, giving rise to a very characteristic design.

In addition, an important factor in the development of Nordic design was the rise of European democracies, with a strong emphasis on one aspect: accessibility to designs for everyone.

That’s why Nordic or Scandinavian design is also called democratic design.

Portal, photo by Juha Mänty

Portal, photo by Juha Mänty

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And now let’s talk about Mikko Hannula…

First of all, we would like to point out that these characteristics that we told you about, and many more original in his designs, are brought together by the work of Mikko Hannula, the Finnish designer that we present to you in this entry.

Mikko tries to combine both the traditional and the innovative in his furniture designs, achieving a pretty striking result.

What awakens his inspiration?

Below we will leave you with a self-written presentation that may help you get to know him a little more, but we can tell you that Mikko has been influenced by a community of which he is part: the design community of Jurva.

Jurva is an unique place, calm and surrounded by beautiful nature to the west of Finland that has served as an inspiration to this designer from the very first moment he put his feet there. As he himself points out, his designs have been greatly enriched thanks to this place.

Beyond the Nordic style, but continuing with this guideline to which we made reference of tradition and innovation in its products, Mikko has presented the classic Windsor chair with a renewed style. If you want to know more about this product you can visit this Proodeez entry and enjoy its design.

Another point to highlight, and we’ll leave you with him, is that this designer has won the first prize Gloster Relaxer at Gloster Furniture in 2013.

Nikkari, courtesy of Mikko Hannula

Nikkari, courtesy of Mikko Hannula

The time has come for him to tell you a little more about his story, we leave you with Mikko Hannula:

Mikko’s story

My name is Mikko Hannula. I am a Finnish designer, currently based in Sheffield, England. I studied furniture design in Finland before moving to the UK for postgraduate studies. Since my graduation from
Buckinghamshire New University in 2013 I have worked as a designer for several companies.  At the moment I work part time for a design studio in Oxfordshire whilst setting up my own business on the side.

Since I was a little kid I have always enjoyed developing new ideas in my mind and drawing them up or
building them with whatever materials there was available to me. As an adult I still get that same sense of excitement when creating something new. I suppose becoming a designer was a pretty obvious choice for me although it took me a while to find my way to this career path.

Juhta, courtesy of Mikko Hannula

Juhta, courtesy of Mikko Hannula

I get inspired by lots of things such as visual arts, films, architecture, nature, music and good design of
course. Anything around me can be a source of inspiration really when I’m looking for new ideas. In my work I like to play with association and memory so that people can connect with it on an emotional level. Some of my products are more playful whilst others focus more on technical aspects.

Nevertheless, I always try to bring a certain sense of sensibility to every project I do. Finnish birch is
dominant in my work. Partly because it was the most accessible material back in Finland and it’s great for furniture making but also because it has a warm and calming effect that works well with my products.

Mikko Hannula

Mikko Hannula

How did you like the story and work of Mikko Hannula?

What about Nordic design?

Well, so far this entry, have you been wanting more? We do, but little by little we will inform you more about his designs, don’t worry.

For the time being we are very happy that he is already part of our community.

And now, if you’re a designer and want to join our big family, like Mikko, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We’re waiting for you.

Words by Sara S.

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