Rafael Arvelo, creating with purpose.

by Faberin

Rafael Arvelo, architect, photographer, interior designer and product designer, shows us his vision of design.
Architect born and trained in Venezuela, he is a partner of COMO interior design studio, with offices in Venezuela, El Salvador and Spain.

In this interview he tells us about his sources of inspiration and his purpose in tackling his projects.
During this quarantine due to the COVID19, Rafael has designed a furniture collection, started with the RA DESK desk.
What was going to be a desk for personal use, has become a collection of furniture, especially designed for creative.

Rafael Arévalo, Architect.

How would you define yourself? 
I am a creative committed to excellence, who likes to get involved in the different stages and areas of design, from architecture to furniture design, including photography. This has allowed me to see everything from different perspectives and that ability is, without a doubt, one of the advantages a designer can have.

When and why did you decide to start designing? 
Since I graduated as an architect 8 years ago, I have dedicated myself to interior design and always designed for others. In my forties I decided to design the RA DESK because I needed a desk that would solve my needs at home and I realized that I liked the process and being the designer/client at the same time so much that I decided to develop my first line of furniture, applying the same design concepts to different pieces of furniture.

How would you define the pieces you create?
I have the vision that design is the aesthetic way to make things work. I feel the responsibility that if I am going to create a product, it must have a clear purpose, it has to contribute in all planes, the functional, the sentimental and the aesthetic. Creating without purpose has been the evil of many designers and therefore the term design has been misinterpreted as something that is expensive and exclusive.

Do you consider digital manufacturing an option for making your designs? 
Of course, it is one of the ways to globalize design, to make it more accessible and to have a greater reach. Products can be manufactured anywhere in the world helping to solve people’s problems. Saving on shipping costs or customs fees that only increase the final cost of the product.

What inspires you when designing? 
What inspires me is to solve problems through the use of creativity and make those solutions efficient and have the necessary aesthetics to be a product with purpose and integral value.


What is emotional design for you? 
Emotions are the essence of everything in our lives and design does not escape it. That’s why when designing you must involve all your senses and understand that the visual is not the only important thing, you must also think about how the product will smell, how the textures will feel when we touch it or what you will feel when you buy this product. Taking into account all this, is to reach the detail of the details and achieve a comprehensive design.

What material do you feel most comfortable creating with? 
Natural wood, because of its character, its versatility and its nobility. It generates a great emotional impact on me and I’m sure on many more people.

What values move you when designing? 
Excellence, efficiency and design with purpose.

What kind of manufacturers would you like to find at Faberin? 
Manufacturers committed to excellence, good design and its details. I have always thought that a good attitude and a desire to solve problems should be innate qualities of a good manufacturer.

What do you think Faberin brings to you? 
Faberin gives me reach, knowledge and a well-structured portal where I can sell my designs.

And you, what do you think you bring to Faberin? 
I would bring you designs with purpose, committed to the balance between aesthetics and functionality. I can also contribute to Faberin’s expansion into other markets in Latin America.

Anything you want to tell us…
Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this concept, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on design and the world. In these difficult times, we have to share our knowledge, dedicate ourselves to what we like and collaborate so that we all grow. With all this, we will be able to take a leap and raise the consciousness of humanity.

RA Desk

RA Desk designs by Rafael Arvelo

Words by Faberin

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