Nude Generation: The push you need as a designer

by Laura S.

Nude Generation is a platform of young designers who work to help them progress in their professional careers by exhibiting at Feria Habitat in Valencia.
It is one of the most important fairs in terms of design and furniture.
At Faberin we believe that it is a completely different scenario to discover new trends and explore the innovations taking place in the world of design. A showcase of opportunities for designers seeking to create their own brand in the sector can be inspired by other designers and above all, be known.


What do you need to be able to exhibit at Nude Generation?

Nude 2019 promises to be one of the most influential events in the world of design. It allows you to explore new trends and meet many industry professionals.
All those objects of interior design can participate: furniture, lighting, home textiles, kitchens, bathrooms, ceramic tiles …
For each project, the corresponding graphic material will be presented, both for the objects and for their physical presentation at the stand.

It will consist of a DIN A3 size pen cardboard descriptive memory, which must be inside a standard A3 folder correctly identified with the participant’s data and clarifying the number of documents inside. A Ccd with the products in jpg format must also be included.
Participation is open to emerging international students, designers and creators as well as Schools of Design. On the other hand, new publishing companies, producers and galleries can also present projects that are compatible with the spirit of this Exhibition and its own conditions.


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Are the objectives met by the event of the year: Nude Generation

Nude is much more than an annual gathering of novice designers, design schools and entrepreneurs.
It was born in 2002, within the framework of the International Furniture Fair of Valencia, as a project of continuity in time and fulfils four main objectives:
To be a unique platform in the world of design, to serve as a service tool for the habitat sector.
It allows for the creation of meeting forums between beginner designers and the industry.
Spreads the core values of design culture.

The structuring of Nude

Young Designers Exhibition Area: Stands where they can show their new creations.
International Design Schools Zone: Design Schools Zone.
Conference Zone: A series of Conferences and Round Tables will take place between established designers, novels and design producers.

What are you waiting for? If what you are looking for is inspiration, experience and opportunities for your designs, from Faberin we are clear that Nude Generation is the event you can not miss.

Words by Laura S.

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