Nelson de Araújo: Harmony and simplicity in furniture design

by Laura

“A person ambitious, observant and critical . Always looking for new challenges and adventures. In love with underground subcultures and other cultures from all over the world. With true passion for traveling and knowing the unknown.”

This is the cover letter of Nelson de Araújo , a new designer willing to embark on Faberin’s adventure. Recently, he has decided to register in our community, and this interview is necessary that will bring us closer to his personality and style in the design.

You are about to know what the passage of Nelson de Araújo for Faberin, but to know: Keep reading!

Picture of Nelson de Araújo

Picture of Nelson de Araújo

Lateral thinking when designing.

Nelson de Araújo is a designer from Porto (Portugal) who from a young age showed his “desire to create, invent and solve problems, facing and overcoming challenges”, as he tells us. He has always been linked to alternative movements, which will help him to question things, to reflect and follow his own thought.>.

This lateral thinking is where its relationship with the design came from. Nelson defines his style as harmonic , playing with simplicity of form and use of different materials that are in syntony . All this, with the purpose of reaching the perfect furniture .

Experience in the world of design.

Nelson de Araújo started in design 2 years ago, a short experience that, however, has allowed him to work in 3 different companies.

The first two companies for which Nelson served as creator were focused on interior decoration .

Currently, this Portuguese is more focused on product development , and that is what he is capturing in Faberin with his designs.

Picture of Nelson de Araújo

Picture of Nelson de Araújo

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Inspiration and design preferences.

For Nelson, “the design is for people”, what makes him design is to be able solve problems of people with pleasant and functional forms. That is why the design is taken as a constant challenge , and with each difficulty grows even more in search of a solution to create an ideal piece of furniture.

When designing, this designer finds his inspiration in everything that awakens his curiosity, because of its shape, color or material.

On this last element, Nelson considers wood as his favourite material , although his devotion for it does not condition that he likes to work with different materials.

'Play Cabinet' designed by Nelson de Araújo

'Play Cabinet' designed by Nelson de Araújo

Nelson de Araújo in Faberin.

“Faberin is the ideal method to promote a free design, with the possibility to materialize it”, says Nelson. For him, Faberin brings a great value to designers offering the possibility to convert designs into products . For this reason, he has already uploaded two designs to our platform, they are ‘Cube’ and ‘Play Cabinet’.

'Cube' designed by Nelson de Araújo

'Cube' designed by Nelson de Araújo

More and more designers are joining our community to try to convert their designs into products and market them in Faberin, fixing their own royalties .

On the other hand, the manufacturers of our platform have a wide catalogue of designs to produce fixing their margins , so we are delighted to receive manufacturers of any discipline that make reality the designs that Faberin customers expect.

Whatever your role, Faberin is your site: join the disruptive design movement!

Words by Laura

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