Milan Design Week: Milan dresses up

by Laura S.

The 58th edition of Milan Design Week (Salone del Mobile Milano) will take place from 8 to 14 April. This year’s most anticipated week in the world of design has many surprises in store for its visitors.

From Faberin, we believe that this is one of the key events for maker and product designers to soak up the best trends in design of the moment.


Everything you need to know about Milan Design Week

The “Milan Design Week” is held every year, usually in April, at the FieraMilano complex in the city of Rho, in the metropolitan area of Milan. This event is one of the most crowded, both for the inspirational capacity it recreates, and for the opportunity, it represents for the designers and makers.

It is one of the key weeks for those product designers who want to give a different twist to their works, who want to soak up other cultures and above all… surprise with something new.

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano was launched in 1961, initially with the aim of showing and sponsoring the best Italian furniture. Over time, the fair grew until more than 13,000 companies attended to make a clever advertising campaign and publicize their products around the world.

The cradle of all European trends

This year, Milan Design Week will share with its attendees the most sought-after keys to furniture and interior design trends. Milan becomes the headquarters of design to present the best proposals in the world of design, exhibiting more than 2000 exhibitors in furniture, lighting and interior spaces.

Creativity, technology and sustainability are the key words that will reverberate in the Italian capital this week and will probably continue to sound in the rest of the world.

This is the most anticipated furniture event of the year. The exhibition shows the latest trends in furniture and design not only from Italy, but from all over the world. The power of diffusion and viralism it achieves is unmatched.

It is considered a leading place for the exhibition of new products by designers of furniture, lighting and other furniture for the home.

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Light kitchen: at the top of Milan Design Week last year

The Light Kitchen won the first prize in the SaloneSatellite Award, which was given to Stefano Carta Vasconcellos (Italy) for his project Cucina Leggera (Light Kitchen).

With this kitchen unit that can be assembled by interweaving the elements that compose it, it was possible to conquer an increasingly demanding public. An example of originality, functionality and sustainability, three of the keys that continue to be the trend in the market. The best? It’s already available at Faberin:

The infallibles of the Milan Design Week last year

Interior design from around the world meets in Milan every year to leave your attendees with their mouths open. It does so with innovative products that inspire other works we have at Faberin.

Last year’s strong points were lighting, functionality and sustainability. More than a thousand products with totally different colors, dimensions and textures were presented. The breadth of the range was such that the way in which we understood design until now changed radically, and the best thing is that it managed to inspire products as wonderful as those we have in Faberin.

Thanks to talented exhibitions such as the one that takes place every year at Milan Design Week, design products as wonderful as these emerge:

The imagination and collaboration that sees the light in events like Milan Design Week after such amazing products as these.

What do you expect from Milan Design Week this year?

At Faberin we are convinced that it will once again be an explosion of inspiration from which we will all be lost

Words by Laura S.

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