Miguel Mojica: a restless mind just arrived in Faberin.

by Juanmi R.

“The reinvention and reinterpretation of the world in which we live.” That is the definition given by the product designer Miguel Mojica about what design means for him.

This young designer has just landed in Faberin and already leaves us samples of what he has in store for us here, now that he has passed to be part of our community.

Probably, you don’t know him yet, but soon the name of this Colombian will sound to you. Faberin is the place where designers, manufacturers and lovers of design meet, therefore, is the ideal place for Miguel to make known to the world their designs. But what is his style like? What are his designs like?

These questions are only answered through the interview we tell you in this post, in which we also encourage you to comment your impressions. Without further ado… Let’s get started!

Image of Miguel Mojica

Image of Miguel Mojica

The beginnings of Mojica.

Miguel Mojica is a Colombian designer , born in Bogotá, who defines himself as “a curious person eager to discover the future of products, how objects will work, how we will live and what new technologies will come“.

In Faberin, we love to receive this kind of restless minds, and in this case, that restlessness was manifested very early on, since Mojica began to be interested in design from school , where he had a subject called industrial design workshop, in which his teachers already began to train him in this profession, and transmitting to him that passion for Design that has led him to become part of this world.

Image of Miguel Mojica

Image of Miguel Mojica

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From advertising design to product design as freelance.

Miguel started in the field of commercial exhibition and advertising for mass consumer products and at the same time began his career as a freelancer. From this, he began to make himself known in the United States (Houston and Chicago) where he was able to do an internship in EDO a design agency.

Later, he established a contact with a children’s playground agency in Dubai and started working as a freelance designing several inflatable playgrounds.

After this immersion in the field of design encompassing both freelance and freelance work, he is currently working at Isaba, a company dedicated to creating the future of water parks through design.

Image of Miguel Mojica working with clay in one of his projects.

Image of Miguel Mojica working with clay in one of his projects.

Miguel Mojica’s experiential style.

Beyond his objective trajectory, we want to know what his style is like, and he himself expresses that his style is experiential, since he believes that “we are in the era in which we seek to leave sensations of all kinds through the user experience”..

From this experiential style, Miguel gets really original designs that he defines as “conceptual and a little crazy”, since he always tries to look for the least explored way, because that’s where there are really interesting things.

As for his favourite material, it is the wood , with which “each cut tells you a story and allows you to work countless products with a unique finish”. But, it also designs products focused on other materials, such as, for example, ceramic , element with which its first design uploaded to Faberin, which will be a very original sound amplifier called ‘Wave’. We already have some photos of this great project that will surely enchant the members of our community.

Image of 'Wave', a sound amplifier designed by Miguel Mojica.

Image of 'Wave', a sound amplifier designed by Miguel Mojica.

What does Faberin contribute to designers like Miguel Mojica?

From the beginning, we are interested in knowing more about why designers are embarking on this adventure with us, so we asked Mojica what he thought Faberin could contribute, and he is very clear: “Faberin generates that bridge between design and production , which is sometimes a little hampered by a lack of contacts, investors and sales channels. Faberin organizes and facilitates this whole process in a reliable and safe way, where we as designers bring new and innovative products to the market.”>

From this vision, it can be seen that Faberin is a means to make life easier for designers and manufacturers, but let’s not forget that Faberin goes further. This community is built by its members, and our ambition is that everyone knows each other, that designers are nourished by other designers, that together with the manufacturers create much more optimized designs thanks to this communication and that consumers can give their opinion about the design, the designer and the manufacturer.

At Faberin there are no borders, so we encourage all product designers to join our community and start designing and sharing experiences. Registering with Faberin is very simple, go ahead!

Words by Juanmi R.

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