Michele Russo: Creative Design

by Sara S.

Curiosity has accompanied this Italian designer from a very young age. Most of us lose it over the way, we stop surprising as the years go by, but others continue to wonder the reasons behind many things, trying to improve them, imagining and creating. Do you want to know more about Michele’s creative design?

Below we are fortunate enough to discover his story and, better still, told by himself to our Faberin community. But first let’s take a look at this young designer extensive professional career.

Youth and experience

Since this Italian designer ended his studies, he has not stopped looking for projects to demonstrate his great skills. His creativity has led him to work in architecture studios such as Manuela Zecca or Itamar Harari in Milan, and design studios such as Francesco Rota also in Milan.

Through this extensive experience, Michele has been improving his skills in modeling photo-realistic representation of projects of any scope: from tables, chairs and lamps to kitchen and bathroom objects. But who better than him to tell you all about his story?

Faberin now leaves you in the hands of Michele, we hope you enjoy getting to know him better:

Michele Russo, photo by andrejrusskovskij.com

Michele Russo, photo by andrejrusskovskij.com

My name is Michele Russo and I’m a designer from Milan, Italy. I was born and raised in a small town amongst the Alps, and I moved to Milan to attend the University and, after that, begin my career as a designer.

I’ve always been a very curious and creative kid: I remember afternoons spent creating “things” with any kind of stuff I was able to collect. I enjoyed creating and building with Lego and at the same time I was always looking to discover what was on the inside of the games I was playing with.

I’m almost sure I gained this love for creativity, DIY and how stuffs are made from my grandfather, who was a great blacksmith, artful and inventive. This is why I decided to study at Politecnico di Milano: this university was offering a new course in Design, and Milan is the city of Design. From fashion design to product design, passing through communication and advertising companies, Milan is a great place where to practice and improve creativity.

I had the chance to work in different fields, from nautic design to the event planning, but what I love the most is furniture and complements design. Working in design studios, I got in contact with some of the best Italian companies, amongst which Lema, Paola Lenti, Lapalma, Morellato and Koh-I-Noor.

Bedside table, Contest 3° Brianza Design, Michele Russo

Bedside table, Contest 3° Brianza Design, Michele Russo

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I really appreciate low-key design, elegant and measured, with a twist of irony and brilliance. And that’s what I aim to when I design a new product: a couch, a  chair, a table or a tableware. I always want to find that small particular that makes my project somehow interesting. If I think that it can be something already seen, that doesn’t have anything interesting, or doesn’t give a satisfying answer to the question “would I buy it?”, I feel the need to start again from scratch.

I prefer using materials such as wood (in its countless nuances), metals and glass rather than plastic to give a more familiar and personal feeling to the objects I’m working on. And, at the end, the best part of all the designing process is when I have the chance to see and touch the final product, ready to be distributed and sold: it has been given substance to something that just a few months before was just a thought.

Another place where I let most of my creativity flow is in the kitchen: I love to cook and I’m addicted to the kitchen design, from the whole kitchen to the small accessories. I love organized and roomy kitchens, where I can always find the right tool for every step of a meal preparation and I have the place to move with complete freedom!

Michele Russo, photo by andrejrusskovskij.com

Michele Russo, photo by andrejrusskovskij.com

So far the story of Michele Russo, what do you think about it?

Faberin is increasingly internationalized and we love that, the incorporation of this Italian designer into our community is a great joy in a project that is growing every day. We are lucky to have designers like Finnish Mikko Hannula or Spanish Javier Mañas, who has already released a product in Faberin, LoneLamp.

We hope that our community continues to grow and that is where you come into play, are you a designer and do you think you have great ideas to contribute to the world? Here is Faberin to help you spread them, we are looking forward to meeting you! If you want to know more about our community, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are waiting for you!

Words by Sara S.

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