Meet Refros: the creative collection of stools from La Paca Disain

by Laura S.

Refros is a creative collection of wooden stools designed by La Paca Disain, that consists of four pieces of design, different from each other and very funny.

Stools are an emblematic figure in the world of design, both for their functionality and for the capacity for abstraction that they transmit in any space. They are capable of transforming the aesthetics of any corner, and with this magnificent collection of original stools you are going to have it really complicated to opt for a single piece.


Piggy bank

This is one of Faberin’s most famous stools of the moment.

This stool pays tribute to the traditional pink Piggy Bank that taught us how to save in the past. Where we were able to store coins and now, in its most updated version, you can continue saving in the same place where you sit.

Not only does it allow all the coins wandering around the house to have a better destination, but with Piggy Bank, you get the perfect combination of design and functionality.


Piggy Bank, de La Paca Disain

Piggy Bank, de La Paca Disain

El nido

This piece of the collection is undoubtedly one of the most special. It is one of the few stools that allows, in addition to sitting, the interaction with it. It breaks with the traditional concept of the stool and also allows you to store inside everything you need.

It has also been designed to work as a seamstress, where to keep the balls of wool, something that is undoubtedly becoming a trend.

With a vintage aesthetic and a strong and emotional symbolism, El Nido will make any place in your home, the place.

El nido, de La Paca Disain

El nido, de La Paca Disain

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El coleccionista

Experienced collectors often store the desired objects in display cases or in places where they can stand out. This is how this designer stool is born, a fun proposal that breaks with the traditional concept of collecting. It allows interactions with the stool itself and also allows the user to keep anything they need inside. One of its functionalities lies in being able to collect the beverage plates, also incorporating an opener that hangs from the stool so that the user can open his own drink.

Can you think of anything more original than El Coleccionista?


Homo ludens

Last but not least, Homo Ludens arrives. This wooden stool highlights the importance of play in human development. Not only does life make us more bearable, the game frees us from vital tensions, socializes us and brings us a multitude of positive emotions, just like this stool.

This piece offers us a game with all the functionalities of a designer stool. It will be the greatest attraction for adults and children, a perfect option for entertainment, as a decorative element and as a traditional stool.

Do you want to know more about La Paca Design? Don’t miss this interview.

Words by Laura S.

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