Makers and artisans more digital than IKEA

by Vicente C.

According to the Central Companies Directory (DIRCE), 95.6% of Spanish companies have fewer than 10 employees.

On 1 January 2017, of the total number of companies, the majority were micro-companies. Likewise, these are mostly companies with up to 2 employees; 82.8% as opposed to 12.8% with a workforce of between 3 and 9 workers.

Gaudaté designer and maker at Faberin

Gaudaté designer and maker at Faberin

Digital transformation in organizations.

The greatest resistance to change suffered by companies are persons.
A digital transformation process is an incredible effort in organizations. They have to combine a series of requirements that make it an arduous, painful and sometimes inaccessible task.

The digital transformation is not to implement new technological tools that give us a tech aspect, is the transformation of relations with our interlocutors, both internal and external, where transparency, conversation and treatment between equals should be a rule.

The transformation leadership has to emerge from top management, supported by the board of directors, with a roadmap, which has reviewed not only the change of tools to use and the criteria that will guide decision making, but the business model itself has to be questioned and ask if what has led us here in the last 10, 20, 30 years, will also serve to take us to the next 50 years.

On the other hand, we find the craftsmen who went from being in the shop window, being the protagonists of the sale and production of goods, to being in forgotten areas, with products far removed from consumer tastes, going through markets and placing their products in the wrong places in order to compete with mass production , with which one could not compete either in price or design.

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The makers 2.0 take over.

The new makers have come to occupy a protaganist in this new economy, decidedly, firmly and without turning back. They have come to be the protagonists of the new order in the creation, manufacture and sale of products.

If we analyse the furniture and decoration industry, and observe how the changes produced by the digital transformation affect small workshops, we see that in the value chain of a piece of furniture, the most relevant phases have been very difficult for small workshops to access. With more relevant phases, I refer to activities related to Marketing .

But, in this way they do not walk alone, the conceptualization of the product, the design and the intangibles that it carries, have to come from a designer, from a creator, who defines all the nuances that surround a proposal to satisfy the consumer.
The designer has to solve and respond to this increasingly demanding, technological and urban consumer.

Bankrobber on sale at Faberin by Pedro Durá, plumber, and Pablo Carallal designer.

Bankrobber on sale at Faberin by Pedro Durá, plumber, and Pablo Carallal designer.

Access to quality designs is increasingly feasible , I can choose those designs to which I want my brand or name to be associated, by its style, target audience, values it transmits, and so on.
I don’t need to incur in hiring costs, with the consequent risks that it entails.

How do we communicate with the consumer ?

The process of digital transformation of organizations has also reached the forms of distribution, the price and the relationship with the final consumer.

Product distribution forms have changed dramatically in recent years. While it is true that artisans and small workshops had been left out of the showcase where products have been exhibited and sold over the last hundred years, a new era has arrived, where technology allows the product to be exhibited through the network, and to reach the consumer directly. As the Guru Marshall McLuhan creator of the term Global Village, “in the future, the role of the artisan will be more important than ever”.

LoneLampF (for sale at Faberin) ready to deliver

LoneLampF (for sale at Faberin) ready to deliver

Reaching the consumer in a direct way brings out sources of value, eliminating intermediaries and costs that become unnecessary. This undoubtedly leads to greater competitiveness, improving the prices of products that were previously inaccessible to most consumers.
Thanks to the Internet and the technology that has been developed over the network in recent years, there has been a breakthrough in the connection with consumers, disappearing many steps in the value chain to reach the consumer.

And last but not least, the content has become the focal point of any digital marketing strategy. We have a lot of means to get our message across to our audience.
And what should our message be? Communicate transparently what we do and how we do it, our audience (customers) want to know about us.

Digitization: A unique opportunity for the maker 2.0

Digitization requires jumping to a new playing field , where not only the tools we use but also the shapes matter. This paradigm shift needs to break with habits and customs deeply rooted in organizations, where the main resistance we find is in people, which makes the bigger the organization, the more difficult is the transformation.

Digital Crafts Laboratory, Francisco Gómez, Digital Architect and Manufacturer

Digital Crafts Laboratory, Francisco Gómez, Digital Architect and Manufacturer

The local manufacturers, makers, new craftsmen , are faced with an exceptional opportunity to digitize their businesses quickly, at a low cost and be able to position themselves in the showcase more quickly and quickly than large corporations.

If you are a maker, craftsman or a local manufacturer, in Faberin you will find the tools to digitize your workshop, without any cost for you. You will be able to create a catalogue of products for sale, coming from exclusive designs and sell directly to consumers. Here you can find more information on how to do it.

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Words by Vicente C.

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