Maggie: Everything you need to climb to the top

by Laura S.

From Faberin we have always believed that the possibilities of stools in the world of design are abysmal.

Maggie is much more than a piece of design, as its functionality makes it stand out above many other stools. Its original design makes it a versatile product in which you can sit down to read your favorite book but also allows you to use it as a side table in any corner of your home.

The most demanding design with the most respectful materials

The base of this designer stool is composed of plywood boards, and its seat made of cork, make Maggie adapt to any style.

At first glance ‘Maggie’ is a stool, but it can be much more. Its original design makes it a versatile product in which you can sit down to read your favorite book or use it as a side table in any corner you can imagine.

Its base made of plywood boards and its seat made of cork, make ‘Maggie‘ adapt to any environment combining a minimalist aesthetic and a functional design.

Thanks to this double function, table and stool, is ideal for small dressing rooms or sections of your home where you need to take advantage of all the space. With Maggie, creativity is the only limit, since you can use it as a magazine rack, chair, coffee table… and everything you can imagine.

Thanks to its details and elegant shapes has become a success for the most demanding homes.


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There is nothing more powerful: creativity

The fact that Maggie is a multifunctional design that allows you to give as many versions in your home as you imagine, brings with it the possibility for the client to develop in a totally personal way the creativity when deciding what function he wants it to fulfill in his home.

There is nothing more personal than making a product your own, and with personality and originality, Maggie can be the design that changes the way you see your home … and things.

You will be able to make the most of your space and you will also have one of the most beautiful and sought-after designs of the moment.

The most exclusive style

The importance of decoration within a home, a local, or even a business is crucial to convey feelings, emotions … and expose the personality and style that will differentiate us from the rest.

Within the different types of design products, the stools stand out in a crucial way. Not only because they are the most functional furniture, but also because they are in harmony with the rest of the decorative furniture and adapt easily to the environment.

Comfort comes first, which is why Maggie has been carefully created to guarantee it while not neglecting the most contemporary design.

Its neutral tonality in wood colour makes it a perfect match with any other furniture, with any style, with any place.

From Faberin we are clear, if you want to differentiate yourself from others with one of the most exclusive designs of the moment, Maggie is all you need.

Words by Laura S.

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