Luis Gabriel Forero: “My designs are the way to express myself”

by Sara S.

“Design must seduce, shape, and perhaps more importantly, evoke an emotional response”. Designer April Greiman‘s quote perfectly describes Colombian Luis Gabriel Forero‘s vision of design. Its objective is to tell stories through an innovative design born of a continuous creative exploration and that has a clear connection with his personality.

Do you want to know more about him?

We give you a small preview. With a wide professional trajectory that goes from design director, product designer, co-founder of VEST festival (Vitrinismo, Visual Merchandising and Commercial Design) in Bogota to professor at El Bosque University, we introduce you to the young designer Luis Gabriel Forero.

We are fortunate enough to have his words about his concerns and the way he designs. We hope you enjoy knowing this Colombian designer a little more. We leave you with his answers:

Luis Gabriel Forero

Luis Gabriel Forero

Luis Gabriel tells us a little about him …

I’m Luis Gabriel Forero, I was born in Bogotá (Colombia). I studied Industrial Design at El Bosque University where I am currently a teacher. I have my own design studio called Estudio Seis Nueve. Through it we aim to rescue the local identity and express ourselves as product designers.

Faberin: What made you start designing?

Since I was a child, I liked to illustrate, music, cinema and creative exploration. These tastes made me found industrial design profession. When I began my studies as a professional, teachers showed us successful and important product designers of history which I began to admire. I also began to follow in his footsteps as he had them as an example to follow.

I wanted to achieve what they have achieved. Motivated by this and the passion for product design, I started to make sketches in my Moleskine where thousands of ideas came out and I started to make them come true. The dream of making them come true has been achieved step by step, so much so that I have received awards, recognitions and international exhibitions (New York, Paris, Madrid, Canada, etc.).

Oliva, Luis Gabriel Forero's design

Oliva, Luis Gabriel Forero's design

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Faberin: How would you define yourself as a designer?

As a designer I have always believed in observation, the synthesis of form and in basic geometric figures as a starting point to create other forms. My methodology is based on morphological analysis and emotional design.

Of course, I believe that the key to a good design are many, thousands of sketches. The brain acts faster when working analogously. I always tell my students that computers are a tool to finish designs not to design.

Faberin: What do you want to convey with your designs?

Designer April Greiman says: “Design must seduce, shape, and perhaps more importantly, evoke an emotional response”. I completely identify with that quote about what design should be and what I seek to convey with my designs. The products are used and designed by people with feelings and emotions. That is why products tell us about the personality of the person who put them there. I can say that my designs are the way to express myself.

The colors, the textures and the materials are something that I like to be in constant exploration since a product changes its perception and use. Objects tell stories and life is full of stories to tell.

Lámpara Bombín, Luis Gabriel Forero's design

Lámpara Bombín, Luis Gabriel Forero's design

How beautiful Luis Gabriel Forero’s last sentence!

“Objects tell stories and life is full of stories to tell”, what a great truth. In fact, this is Faberin’s philosophy and the main aspect that moves this project.

If you want to know more about our vision, you can read this entry in our magazine.

You know what? We love knowing designer’s stories.

And we are still eager to continue knowing more and more stories. Maybe it’s time to tell yours. Are you a designer and want, like Luis Gabriel, to be part of our community? We are looking forward to meeting you, knowing more about you, your projects and your design vision.

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Words by Sara S.

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