Lonelamp: Light your home and those who need it most

by Laura S.

From Faberin we know that in decoration every detail counts. Everything is valued and only the most demanding obtain the best results.

Within the trends in lamps we find strong demand in designs that tell stories, those that have something to say, are undoubtedly the most valued. Lonelamp is an exclusively designed lamp that meets this standard.

Its design not only attracts attention but has been created to reflect the survival story of Lone, a refugee who seeks his place in the world and has a very special ability: to illuminate our lives. An original lamp not only gives a different touch to the environment but also manages to change the way a room is seen. LoneLamp is much more than a piece of design, it is a special story made reality and turned into art.

The most solidary style: LoneLamp

LoneLamp not only illuminates our lives, but also improves the lives of those who need it most. Its designer and manufacturer, Javier Mañas, donates 5€ for each unit sold to the NGO Productiva Open Arms.
This non-profit organisation carries out rescue and first aid work for refugees on the Greek coasts and in the Central Mediterranean.
LoneLamp can be used in 3 positions, each one provides a more direct or diffuse light. It can be used to illuminate a room, as an ambient light or even as a reading lamp.
It is manufactured with high quality 3D printing technology with biodegradable thermoplastic materials, so it is also environmentally friendly.
Its light source is LED, so its consumption is really low and provides optimal performance.
This design is produced according to consumer demand, in sources and limited quantities for as its creator wishes, to respect the environment and responsible use of natural resources.

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LoneLamp: the lamp your decoration needs to succeed

Lamp trends are endless, but LoneLamp stands out from the rest both for the message it conveys and the style it represents.
It is not because we have the most composite, complicated or eye-catching design pieces that we are going to attract the attention. When a simple design fits people, it can only be for something: for its message.
Not only does this design have spectacular functionality when it comes to adapting to any environment, but it also manages to convey a message of exemplary solidarity to society.
In addition, in our catalogue, we present 4 variants of this product so that you can choose between the LoneLamp XL, the L, the M or the S depending on the size you need.
LoneLamp adapts to your needs and allows you to surprise your customers with a totally moving design, passionate and one of the most modern styles of the interior world.
What are you waiting for to give light with LoneLamp?

Words by Laura S.

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