LoneLamp: Social Awareness

by Nacho T.

How do you feel about a product transmitting more than the geometry and functionality for which it was designed? On many occasions, product designers bring us closer to exciting stories through their creations.

This is the case of LoneLamp which is presented to us as more than just a luminaire… it is a metaphor for loneliness, immigration, and refugees.

Designed and manufactured by Javier Mañas, we have already presented it to you in another entry in our magazine and, motivated by making his own inventions, he auto produces it from his design studio in Murcia, Spain.

The LoneLamp is a lamp whose purpose goes beyond illuminating the environment, it is to illuminate lives.

LoneLamp, courtesy of Javier Mañas

LoneLamp, courtesy of Javier Mañas

What’s his story about?

The story behind this lamp is charming and more than one in Faberin’s heart touched us the day Javier came to introduce it to us.

Lone is an immigrant who seeks his or her place in the world and has the ability to illuminate our lives.

And how is Lone represented in the luminaire?

If you look at the photo above, Lone is the doll that accompanies the lamp.

And perhaps this lamp will illuminate even more lives…

Since it is important to note that part of the amount of this luminaire will be allocated to Proactiva Open Arms a NGO whose mission is the rescue of refugees on the high seas. This is an idea that Javier Mañas has been clear from the beginning, which is why social awareness is more than present in the design of this product from the very beginning.


LoneLamp, courtesy of Javier Mañas

LoneLamp, courtesy of Javier Mañas

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LoneLamp has three positions and, depending on these, will give us a more direct or diffuse light. According to the position, it will be more indicated to illuminate a room, such as ambient or reading light.

And, what about the environment?

This luminaire is manufactured in numbered series since Javier considers that the production of objects must be responsible with the environment. This is where a new factor comes into play: environmental awareness. The making of LoneLamp takes place with the use of high quality 3D printing and biodegradable thermoplastics. In addition, its light source is LED of very low consumption and high performance.

LoneLamp, courtesy of Javier Mañas

LoneLamp, courtesy of Javier Mañas


LoneLamp combines both social and environmental awareness, so designer &maker Javier Mañas presents us with a product that tells a story, with a why, with a reason for being: to illuminate the darkness in which many lives, unfortunately, are found.

LoneLamp is available at Faberin.com.

We hope you enjoy it 🙂

And if you are a product designer, whether you design or also produce your creations, we encourage you to design for Faberin just like Javier and other designers from around the world.

Words by Nacho T.

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