Loading: Customize your time

by Laura S.

At Faberin we have always defended the value of time. It’s just as important to value it as to know what we should invest it in, and above all, it’s important not to forget that time passes and everything depends on how you want to see it pass.

Without a doubt, we want to continue watching it happen with Loading. A design clock inspired by the digital graphic representation of the load of a page or an application, this symbolizes the passage of time in an original way and different from those conventionally known.

Do you dare to know more? Where did this original idea come from to change the established paradigms that are revolutionizing the world of design as we know it?

Design and inspiration

The initial idea was to create an object that could visually represent the dynamism of time by performing the process itself. From this idea Loading was created as a game with different levels, each hour that passes is followed by a graphic signal that replaces the numbers of conventional clocks, communicating in a symbolic way the passage to the next level and so on…

This wall clock has been designed by Juanny Barceló in two colors: white and black. Its Italian designer has been inspired by minimalist design to extol the beauty of the simple when its shape is molded but its background is reaffirmed.

In this way Juanny has managed to make a watch that does not use numbers has become one of the favorite options for users in terms of furniture and interior design.

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Style at the service of sustainability

The secret of its success is undoubtedly found in the originality and personality of the product, since it is as much fun to enjoy it at home as it is to build it. For this reason, our maker Pablo Nuñez chooses this different design over others more common to extol the beauty of the different.

It is made through renewable materials such as wood, something that reduces the environmental impact. Awareness of sustainability and the importance of reducing polluting waste is a growing concern in the world of design.

Thanks to designs like the Loading watch we achieve one of the most original designs on the market without polluting or damaging our future.


A unique opportunity to fill your home with personality

At Faberin we don’t hesitate to bet on valuable designs, those that have something to tell and above all that manage to change the perspective of design by enriching us with new working values.

This design has broken with many of the established roles in the world of design. It has created a totally innovative way of looking at time that had not been seen before.

Sustainability, originality and minimalism have made Loading an explosive design that has revolutionized watch designs as we knew them before.

How long will it take for you to be tempted to fill your home with a unique Loading vision of the future?

Words by Laura S.

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