Lil: the designer lamp that breaks with established schemes

by Laura S.

At Faberin we are aware of the importance of manufacturing and the process of creating the product before presenting it to the consumer. For this reason, we take care to use the latest technological techniques in order to respect the environment as much as possible and to rationalise its resources.
Lil is a lamp created through CNC technology, something that is very attractive for the manufacturer who uses this technique or hand-cut pieces.

Lil has been designed by Michael Columbro, and it is a simple but original lamp that can be directly mounted by the customer.
It consists of twenty-three pieces manufactured through three unique elements. It is ideal for spaces and rooms looking for a design product that stands out for its simplicity.
Each ‘fin’ of this designer lamp is tilted at a 15º angle to create a spiral effect that gives an incomparable sensation of movement.

The best author design at your fingertips

Lil is a lamp that not only respects the natural resources in its creation thanks to its CNC technology, but because of its author’s design, is one of the most sought-after design lamps of the moment.

Its aesthetics make it ideally suited to any style: modern, retro, traditional …

Thanks to its simplicity, it is capable of transforming any corner into a space with personality, standing out for its originality and for its ability to transmit a unique sensation of movement.

Lil: sold uniquely and exclusively at Faberin

At Faberin we want each design to preserve its creative essence. That the story it conveys reaches its consumer and captivates anyone who is lucky enough to witness it.
That’s why we care from the beginning of the manufacturing process to the last detail before it’s commercialized.
Lil is a product that is only marketed and sold through Faberin, thus ensuring the exclusivity of our designs.

No more buying a product that you will see in more places. With Lil, exclusivity is served.

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Words by Laura S.

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