Lenka Kozic: Sustainable Design

by Nacho T.

This post is the beginning of a section that we hope you will enjoy and find as attractive as we do, it is a space where some of our designers will tell both their story and the story behind their projects, with their own words and total freedom. This way you can get to know our designers in a closer and more enjoyable way and who knows? Perhaps connect with them on an emotional level that could not be achieved through a third person story.

From Slovakia we start with the story of Lenka Czereova, a designer who has joined Faberin incorporating her designs with the aim of allowing manufacturers from all over the world to access them to be made, thus satisfying the demand of stylish product lovers from all over the world.

Lenka’s designs have been published in renowned magazines such as DesingBoom, Yellowtrace or Yankodesign attracting thousands of readers’ attention.

Next Lenka will tell you a little bit about her and her designs that soon you will be able to acquire in our web Faberin.

Photo cortesy of Lenka Czereova

Photo cortesy of Lenka Czereova

“My name is Lenka Czereova and I’m a multidisciplinary designer focused on product design, 3d graphic and illustrations.

I was born in Slovakia. I studied at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava focused on industrial design where I finished my master´s degree.

<span”>Names for my designs are more like messages and every one of them have their own story…

I love when design is playful and when it is something more than just a “shape”. If it can put a smile on faces then that’s the best response that I can get for it.

Thinking about our environment is very important to me and as a designer I feel responsibility for this.

So that’s the reason I use natural or biodegradable materials and technologies which are sustainable. I am trying to send messages to the people and to the world through my designs.

Responsible design can change people’s minds and can make our life better. It can be also just a simple sentence which can lead to act responsible and which can be very powerful.

Illusion by Lenka - image © symon kliman

Illusion by Lenka - image © symon kliman

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For example, in my project “Illusion Lamp” with the message: “Sometimes the things can be different as they appear” for me means that we can uncover our current world full of old habits and old technologies which are not good for our environment, life or health and this lamp create the gate to a new, better world; to a more sustainable future.

It means, that we have power to change our life, worlds, relationships… etc.

But there is also space for fantasy of course as the lamp appears really magical on walls or everywhere.

Don't cry over spilled milk... by Lenka - image © symon kliman

Don't cry over spilled milk... by Lenka - image © symon kliman

“Don’t cry over spilled milk” is saying that everything can be right and even the worst situations in life can be corrected. The design of the mug symbolize spilled milk… but you can still hold it in your hands.

Even when it is spilled it’s still there in your hands…

You are holding the key to your happy life. So that should be a good beginning for starting your day. That’s why it’s a mug specially for breakfast. To help people don’t forget that everything is possible : )

Glow Worm by Lenka - image © symon kliman

Glow Worm by Lenka - image © symon kliman

Glow worm is one of my first projects and it was inspired by the bioluminescence of the small worm and his ability to bend his body. With this project I wanted to create sustainable luminescent lamp with solar panels outside and LED lamps inside. So this luminaire can move throughout the interior or exterior space as a living organism.

Hidden Bookshelf by Lenka - image © symon kliman

Hidden Bookshelf by Lenka - image © symon kliman

Hidden bookshelf is designed for your most special books.

About how I manufacture my prototypes…

Creating the prototype is always the hardest part. Attention for detail is important and to manage good result you need to carefully choose the correct materials and technologies. Most of the time it is a costly process. Sometimes you need to try several options and several producers or techniques.

And my designs…

Mostly I am designing eco-friendly and sustainable products with messages. I am also trying to avoid plastic materials as they are very harmful to our ocean. PLA, PHB or plant based plastic are the right choice.

And I’m a product designer…

Because I love to create different worlds and things which wasn’t here before . I feel that creating is something extraordinary that can bring you great feelings like nothing else in the world. You can shape your own world.

Thank you for reading!

Lenka Czereova

Words by Nacho T.

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