Laura Ortín: listening, vanguard and economy

by Vicente C.

Laura Ortín, an architect, is already part of Faberin and here you can see her complete portfolio. After an intense and gratifying time in the architecture studio AD HOC mslp, in 2011 she begins her most personal stage in her architecture studio open to all levels of design.

His designs, are faced with: RESPECT, REMEMBRANCE, ACCEPTANCE, HONESTY AND ALWAYS, ALWAYS ECONOMY as she tells us. Her small (or big) purpose is to bring us a little closer to Happiness.

We have had the opportunity to talk with Laura and learn a little more about her creations and vision of design.

Let’s get to know her a little better…


Laura Ortín

Laura Ortín

Laura, how would you define yourself?

I’m an architect by training and vocation. Creative and curious, I like to invent things.

But perhaps what I do best is listen and therefore my creations, my designs, have

all a strong emotional charge.

I work by matching the client’s (individual’s) wishes with my own and the result is something

own and personal.

When and why did you decide to start designing?

I understand architecture as something holistic and therefore the small scale, the design of

pieces of furniture, allows me to research and create everyday solutions and needs

that are typical of everyday life. I try to solve problems by bringing a sensory character to each


For example the Es_ Pera table, for sale in Faberin, the design to solve two things

basic, tea or coffee tables for narrow rooms where there is hardly any space between

couch and the wall in front of it; and that it didn’t have any corners to avoid bumps. Those two things so

simple are resolved with their organic form. The legs form a continuum that lightens the

design and you can also choose the color.

Mesa Es_Pera for sale in Faberin

Mesa Es_Pera for sale in Faberin

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How would you define the pieces you create?

They are beautiful and charismatic objects. They are kind and democratic designs. They don’t repeat a

trend because they are not based on a fashion, we could define them as a personal ideal

that materializes into something tangible and real.

For example, the GLUG shelf, sold in Faberin, is designed for people who like

I usually move or don’t want to drill holes in the bathroom tiles in the area

from the shower. Because it is rounded in shape and made of one-piece stainless steel

is perfect for getting wet, which is usually the case with shampoo bottles

and all the other things we accumulate.

What experience do you have in the world of 3D printing? 

3D printing is Today, it’s the Now. I haven’t done anything with this technique yet

although I am already thinking about possible pieces to be made in this format, it would be


I think the GLUG shelf would be a good model for 3D manufacturing, if some maker

Dare, go ahead!

What inspires you to design? 

All designs are made by and for something. Either because someone commissions you to do it, privately or

company or because it arises from a need to explore one’s own ideas. That is why the

inspiration can come in many forms, attending to the most basic needs and

The creative spark can be unleashed by a material, a piece of art, or music,

the color or an emotion you want to convey.

I also attend to the designs that exist, inspiring sources from which I learn to

I’d like to add my own, it’s part of a more classic methodology. So perhaps my modus operandi

operdi is a mixture of linear design methods with other more “messy” and

spontaneous. For example, the Noguchi table has inspired several table designs that I

made, by its delicacy and mixture of materials as well as by its proportions of curves and


What is emotional design to you?

Every design conveys a positive or negative emotion to a greater or lesser extent. The

However, the term “emotional” evokes something that is probably positive and

transcends the tangible.

I understand emotional design as a design that goes beyond the merely functional and

flat. As a design that works from the individual providing connotations

(subliminal perhaps) that imbue the person who is doing it with memories, illusions and experiences

use it or have it nearby. These are designs that take you to a deeper level, that don’t

leave you unmoved. GLUG evokes the flow of water, Es_Pera is a close and pregnant object.

What material do you usually work with?

There are many different materials that I use (wood, iron, stones,..) and I like

experimenting with them, pushing them to the limit of their capabilities, like a twist. A

Sometimes I work with materials commonly used in other disciplines and sometimes those

materials unconnected with architecture and furniture design the work and moulding of a

in a beautiful way by taking them out of context.

The only premise is that they are real materials, I avoid imitations (synthetic

imitating wood, stoneware imitating terraces, etc…)

What values move you when designing?

My divine order would be: listening, vanguard and economy.

Listening: solving functional and emotional issues.

Avant-garde: working on proactive designs, new codes, new languages.

Economy: of consumption, of ecology and of money.

How has digital manufacturing changed? 

It allows us to make prototypes more quickly and investigate the possibilities of

material or a new geometry. Advance and propose designs unimaginable until now

because the processes and techniques slowed down or made it impossible.

What do you think Faberin brings to you? 

What it brings: It eliminates the problem of searching for trades and managing the processes of

design-manufacturing-sales. It offers the freedom to design and develop innovative pieces with

what society gains, without Faberin many of these designs would remain in the

“drawer” of the creative. They give the design world a chance, it’s a gift!

And you, what do you think you bring to Faberin?

What I contribute: Besides my beautiful designs, hehe, I can serve as an example to many

new designers who are thinking about it. With Faberin there’s no excuse anymore, if you have something

that count through furniture or product design now you can!

Thank you very much for your words Laura and for the trust you have placed in Faberin as a launching point for your designs.

Words by Vicente C.

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