Juanny Barceló and Pablo Pastor: a success story at Faberin

by Rocío M.

At Faberin we want you to know all the success stories that occur in this great community of designers and makers who love design and craftsmanship. Stories that result in unique and exclusive products for sale on our platform.

In today’s post we bring you the first success story between a product designer and a maker, who, combining their creativity and experience, have made a design a reality, turning it into a product for sale in Faberin .

This is the product designer based in Italy, Juanny Barceló, and the Spanish maker Pablo Pastor. Both lovers of their work and of being able to share with the world their talent as creative people in the world of design and crafts.

Do you want to know the history that unites them? Don’t wait any longer!

'Joe', designed by Juanny Barceló and manufactured by Pablo Pastor

'Joe', designed by Juanny Barceló and manufactured by Pablo Pastor

Juanny Barceló: designing relationships through objects

Juanny is a designer of Cuban origin, resident in Italy, who dares to work with multiple design disciplines, not just product design. Juanny has worked in graphic design, motion design and 3D modeling. The designer has extensive experience in the world of design, which he began while still studying graphic and product design at the Higher Institute for Artistic Industries in Faenza, Italy.

Juanny is one of those designers who seeks to tell a story in every object or product he designs. Their designs transmit joy without forgetting the function, the form and the details that make them special. He is a designer aware of the importance of knowing the client, company or individual for whom he designs the object, in order to understand what problem he needs to solve with the product, connect with it and establish a lasting relationship. The Italian designer seeks inspiration from the people he works with on a daily basis, as he believes that each of us can bring a different point of view that enriches the design.

If you want to know more about Juanny Barceló’s career and what it means for him to design, visit the post that we dedicated to the designer a few weeks ago.

Juanny Barceló, product designer at Faberin

Juanny Barceló, product designer at Faberin

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Pablo Pastor: from marketing manager to vocation maker

Pablo Pastor’s story is that of a craftsman of vocation, who decides to leave behind his time as a marketing manager and enter the world of craftsmanship and design, which he loves so much. Pablo establishes himself as a maker in Alcoy (Alicante, Spain) with his workshop The Egg Company, where he carries out cutting and machining work with CNC and laser milling machines. Now, with his consolidated workshop he decides to join Faberin to continue doing what he likes best: creating high quality objects with different functionalities for everyday life.

The high quality of the manufacturing process is one of Pablo’s hallmarks, which is that knows how to transfer in each job he does the passion he feels for the objects and products he makes. Without a doubt, Pablo is an example of an involved and committed maker who works to obtain exclusive handcrafted pieces with a quality finish.

Pablo Pastor, maker at Faberin

Pablo Pastor, maker at Faberin

Creating unique pieces: Joe, Trail and Hexagons

The union of these two great creative minds comes from the hand of Faberin, when
Vicente Cánovas, Faberin’s CEO, visited Pablo Pastor’s workshop to get to know him first-hand and to introduce him to Juanny Barceló’s designs,’Joe’ spaghetti meter, ‘Recursive Hexagons’ tablemat, and’Trail Lapdesk’ laptop stand. The visit was a great success and together they were able to share the details of the production process of the products and to share the ideas of the designer, Juanny Barceló with the maker. It was the starting point that established a professional and creative relationship between Juanny Barceló, designer in charge of creating the products, and Pablo Pastor, responsible for making them a reality and turning them into products for sale at Faberin.

The union of Pablo and Juanny has allowed the sale of the Joe spaghetti meter, inspired by the classic Italian design: Joe Colombo’s’Tube Chair’; the Recursive Hexagons table mat, inspired by the Droste Effect, a design resource widely used by Juanny and Trail, a laptop stand that will add personality to your workspace. Handcrafted products with a meticulous aesthetic, a distinctive feature of all the products you will find in Faberin.

And also, if you liked these three designs, we’d like to let you know that very soon
two more products designed by Juanny Barceló will be available at Faberin: the ‘Loading’ wall clock and the ‘Regular Fit’ chess set, two original and traditional looking products that will make you curious about the history and meaning of their names. Stay tuned and you will be able to learn more about them soon.

Faberin visits Pablo Pastor's workshop

Faberin visits Pablo Pastor's workshop

If, like Pablo and Juanny, you are a designer or maker, join Faberin your product may be among those already in our catalogue of unique pieces

Soon we will know more success stories among designers and makers who join our platform and who decide to remove barriers and join this great community of design and craft lovers.

Don’t miss them!

Words by Rocío M.

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