Jordi Veytia: experimental design since the beginnings

by Juanmi R.

Faberin has a platform that allows me to share my creations, quality work that I do through a production process that results in final unique pieces aimed at design lovers.”

This is Jordi Veytia’s cover letter in our community, that deepening more in its collaboration in this community affirms: “With Faberin I am giving to my creations the possibility to be known and to be the attraction of those clients that are interested punctually in the modern and contemporary style.“.

Later we’ll show you the creations Jordi refers to, but first, we want you to know more about this designer and how he works. Don’t miss it!

Picture of Jordi Veytia

Picture of Jordi Veytia

Origin and characteristics of Jordi Veytia in the world of design.

Jordi Veytia is a product designer born in Mexico. In his early days as a designer, he worked independently at D’Argenta Studio, for whom he developed a collection of vases. At the same time, he also participated in design exhibitions .

This artist and designer is an experienced professional who continues to acquire knowledge, as he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in product design.

His fascination for the design starts from his childhood and of the hand of his grandmother, a sculptor who allowed him to share moments in his workshop and to surround himself with tools and art.

In this way, his love for creation began to awaken in this designer. He always related to each material in a special way. He experimented and continued experimenting in such a way that he defines his designs as experimental style .

Highlighting honesty as the flag of his values, he tells us that resin and wood are his favourite materials to work with, they are noble materials that respect his thinking about design, because for him talking about design is the same as talking about creation.

Picture of Jordi Veytia.

Picture of Jordi Veytia.

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Jordi Veytia’s inspiration to design new products.

As in every work related to creativity, you need a source of inspiration that pushes you to carry out your creations, and this case in particular, Jordi tells us that he finds his inspiration in those things that surround him in his day to day.

For him, it is enough to see a film to make his imagination fly and create. In the same way, sitting down to eat and having in front of him a plate of food with its aroma and colors transport him to his world of creation.

Even looking at a photography , a static image, transmits much more than any of us could transmit, as his mind puts that image in motion and his imagination begins to fly until landing on a single design object concretized.

Jordi Veytia could give us a thousand examples, and as a last sample, he confesses that travelling is how he finds in many occasions to design unique and original furniture.

Just as Jordi Veytia’s sources of inspiration are very versatile, so are his results, as he obtains very diverse designs, such as these three that we show you below: ‘Tria’, ‘Lucerna’ and ‘Tilt Right’.

'Tria', 'Lucerna' y 'Tilt Right' designed by Jordi Veytia.

'Tria', 'Lucerna' y 'Tilt Right' designed by Jordi Veytia.

Jordi Veytia in the Faberin community.

Jordi Veytia, has a vast experience in the world of interior design , but bet on much more: sharing his creations with those who seek as decoration design furniture practical, simple, but above all, unique, because it is not industrial design , the pieces created by Jordi do not make them in series, he devotes to each one a special time and look to deliver to their customers that unique piece they expect.

Do you want to know what Jordi Veytia offers design pieces? Keep Reading!

Acht Stool: first product on sale from Jordi Veytia in Faberin.

‘Acht Stool’ is a bench made from Jordi Veytia’s favourite material: pine wood. It is characterized by its realization from an assembly work that can be visualized due to its pieces: cover, base and leg that is repeated eight times contrasting the color of the pine with the color of the cover.

'Acht Stool' designed by Jordi Veytia.

'Acht Stool' designed by Jordi Veytia.

It is a bench whose design allows it to be placed anywhere in the house and it will always be the protagonist of the chosen space, because it has the typical personality of a piece of unique design.

If you are a designer and you want your creations to come true, do like Jordi Veytia joining the Faberin community where manufacturers and designers share their experience offering their products to design lovers.

Don’t hide your talent, show it to the world!

Words by Juanmi R.

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