Javier Mañas: Design and Selfproduction

by Nacho T.

This time we introduce you to the industrial and product designer Javier Mañas, who will accompany us on this journey we are undertaking. This designer opens a new profile within Faberin, that of the person who designs the products that it will later produce itself, and will be marketed in Faberin.

A product designer who designs and produces at the same time?


In this case it will be Javier who manufactures his own designs, it should be noted that later on we can find profiles of designer&maker in Faberin whose designs can be manufactured by themselves or by other makers around the world.

So, what can we tell you about Javier?

Photo courtesy of Javier Mañas

Photo courtesy of Javier Mañas

Well,  Javier Mañas is a Bachelor of Fine Arts for the Polytechnic University of Valencia . It is formed in a scholarship by the Valencian IMPIVA and has participated in different Projects of Industrial Technological Innovation and European Projects SPRINT. He has also been part of leading consultancy committees on innovation, architecture, fashion, design and training.

Since 1988 he is a professor of Theory and Practice of Design in different centers; currently teaching in the the School of Design of Murcia. He has extensive professional experience in all areas of design: product design, editorial design, interior design, etc.

There’s still more…

His products have been displayed in the fairs of Frankfurt (Light + Building) , Milan (Salone Internazionale del Mobile), Madrid (Matelec) or Valencia (Habitat Room). Currently, its products are sold in more than 40 countries.

Despite this extensive training and curriculum, Javier does not want to be the protagonist of this story and he prefers all the weight and recognition falling on his designs. I could not say if shy or simply a person who does not like to attract attention, but when he passed by Faberin’s office he wanted to give more importance to his designs than to his own history and great professional experience. A humble and nice man who touched our hearts with a product that you will soon be able to acquire in Faberin.


LoneLamp, photo courtesy of Javier Mañas

LoneLamp, photo courtesy of Javier Mañas

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The awareness, both social and environmental, are priorities in his designs, highlighting in this sense the LoneLampLoneLamp is a metaphor about loneliness, immigration and refugees and part of its benefit will go to NGOs whose mission is the rescue of refugees on the high seas. In addition, it is a luminaire manufactured with a high quality 3D printing and made of biodegradable thermoplastics.

Relax! You will soon have more information about this charming lamp! For now we can let you see some of the pictures Javier left us during his visit.

As we told you above, Javier’s profile is that of designer&maker, which is why the LoneLamp has been designed as well as made by himself.


LoneLamp, photo courtesy of Javier Mañas

LoneLamp, photo courtesy of Javier Mañas

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Javier Mañas, this designer& maker that is already part of our project, Faberin, growing day by day.

Soon you will have more news about the LoneLamp, hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

Words by Nacho T.

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