‘Horrillo carpentry’ and its three pillars: Experience, customization and quality.

by Sara S.

In Faberin we work daily to build a community around design, where confidence, transparency and quality are the primary values. Therefore, it is essential for us that every new member who joins Faberin shares these values.

We love to introduce you and to let you know first-hand about the new additions that enrich this great network of professionals and design lovers.

In this case, the protagonism lies in a joinery with a long history, which joins Faberin within the network of local manufacturers, to make exclusive designs of great professionals from all over the world, upon request and establishing their own conditions.

We are talking about the Madrid cabinetmaker Pedro Horrillo and his Carpintería Horrillo Ignacio. A company with a long experience in the field of carpentry- joinery. Well, it was founded in 1973 and since then, has not stopped growing, covering the entire extensive branch that comprises this sector.

Pedro Horrillo: Manager of Carpentry - Horrillo Ignacio Cabinetmaking

Pedro Horrillo: Manager of Carpentry - Horrillo Ignacio Cabinetmaking

Carpentry Horillo: Present, past and future.

This carpentry shop, which was founded in 1973, has adapted to the different and varied needs of its customers over the last 45 years. They have been modernizing their machinery year after year, in order to keep abreast of the latest technologies in the sector, which has allowed them to place innovationas one of their pillars. This aspect has been complemented by the gradual renewal of its staff. Finally, we have a team of highly qualified professionals in the sector.

These decisions during his career have secured his present and future. Pedro and his team have worked for companies such as Mc’Donalds, El corte inglés, Ferrovial, Mediaset and large hotel companies, among others.

In addition, they are currently in full expansion. This success is due to a tireless struggle to improve on a daily basis, with the courage to not give in to any adversity. Because, as Pedro Horrillo itself says: “No irregular floor, wall or ceiling gets in the way of our work, we get the best out of any hole. We carry out craftsmanship of all kinds and complexities.”

Its capacity to adapt and its proactivity in the face of challenges has made Carpineria Horrillo Ignacio an updated company capable of facing the current globalized market.

And it is among their present and future plans where we find Faberin, as they join our network of local manufacturers to bring the best of them to this great community and thus enjoy the advantages and the value added that means being able to realize designs by great international professionals, with the security of working on demand and being able to establish the conditions, the market and the price itself.

Work done by Pedro Horrillo and his team of Carpentry - Joinery Horrillo Ignacio

Work done by Pedro Horrillo and his team of Carpentry - Joinery Horrillo Ignacio

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Horrillo Carpentry: Values as a fundamental pillar

We firmly believe that in a relationship of trust, such as the one established between the members of this community and Faberin, it is essential to share the values that move us.

In this case, between Pedro Horrillo and his Carpentry and Faberin there are many points on which to agree. This carpentry is characterized by providing the highest quality and efficiency in each of the projects and services in which they are involved. Combining this quality and efficiency with the complete adaptation to the specific needs of the project. Pedro and his team work daily to meet the needs of their customers with creativity and innovation. At this point, we can no longer identify with them.

In addition, they have a team formed from experience and responsibility. At Faberin we believe that this aspect is a fundamental point in the added value that each of the services a company can offer to a client. Because this experience and responsibility translates, in practice, into trust. As well as, in the certainty that by choosing a platform composed of expert and responsible professionals your wishes will be fulfilled, and the piece or project you want, it will become a reality.


Work done by Pedro Horrillo and his team of Carpentry - Joinery Horrillo Ignacio

Work done by Pedro Horrillo and his team of Carpentry - Joinery Horrillo Ignacio

Imagine adding to this experience and responsibility, the highest quality of materials and processes. And the guarantee and commitment that delivery times will be met in a timely manner.

Working with professionals like Pedro Horrillo and his team is similar to working with a friend.  Why? Because you know that it will work out well, because they will advise you from their experience to obtain the best results by sticking to your particular case, because they will put their best materials, they will work as best they can and with a totally personalized attention, throughout the process.

This is the fundamental value of Faberin, to find professionals who share their experience, their work and their knowledge for a common good: Taking design to any corner.

Work done by Carpentry - Joinery Horrillo Ignacio

Work done by Carpentry - Joinery Horrillo Ignacio

Soon we will be able to count on the first piece made real by Carpinteria Horrillo in our exclusive products catalogue.

If like Pedro, you are a local manufacturer and would like go one step further in your path and work on high added value projects: Faberin is your site, join this great network of design professionals and start enjoying all the advantages we have in store for you. Remember, in Faberin you set the limits.

We are waiting for you!

Words by Sara S.

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