Hidric Color: the latest trend in ceramics is here to stay

by Laura S.

Ceramic is one of the “forgotten materials” in recent years by designers. Luckily, from Faberin we have seen how this material has not only come back to stay, but is in full swing and is part of the interior design trends 2019.
Hidric Color is a self-irrigation pot that has been handcrafted with baked clay. This design is one of the most functional, as it allows the plant to be self-sufficient and is regulated without depending on its environment.

It is undoubtedly one of the most metaphorical design products, as it perfectly symbolises independence and entrepreneurial spirit. This design can be perfect for the premises and restaurants that seek to differentiate themselves from others of the sector transmitting these values of independence.

Hidric color by Gerard Arqué. Only available at Faberin.

Hidric color by Gerard Arqué. Only available at Faberin.

The most premium self-sufficiency

Hidric is a tribute to the Marquina oilcan, emblem of Spanish design. The purpose of this oilcan was to improve the management of the oil, and this idea led to think of the same thing to increase the independence of the plant with water.

Thanks to Hidric Color and its modern ceramic design, prevents the plant from rotting. This is possible thanks to an exercise based on the observation of the autochthonous plants and the ceramic utensils of the Mediterranean culture.

Hidric not only improves the quality of life of plants but also provides a chic touch that will allow your business to stand out from the competition. plants are increasingly used to dress interior compositions in the catering sector. This capillary irrigation system allows the user not to have to water so much, it is only necessary that the dish has water.

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The keys to decorate your premises

There are many keys that can advise you to create a unique and personal space in your business, but only a few really work.

Prioritize: Knowing how to choose always helps to have the best possible decoration in your restaurant or bar, but know how to choose which are the essential elements for the atmosphere even more. Plants occupy an essential place in this selection of “design essentials”.

Spatial layout: What you have is just as important as how you put it. This means that it is useless to have the best designs if we don’t know how to place them. The Hidric Color is a flowerpot that brings life and elegance in any space, a sure success.

Personality: Originality is something that cannot be missing in business, as design defines us and brings us closer or further away from our consumers. For this reason, choosing handcrafted design products contributes an incalculable value to the personality of our business.

Hidric Color by Gerard Arqué. Only available at Faberin.

Hidric Color by Gerard Arqué. Only available at Faberin.

Plants invade restaurants: trends in design 2019

Plants have become the most used objects in interior design par excellence. They bring naturalness, balance and neutrality to space whatever the style is chosen.

Decoration in restaurants and catering establishments is not an easy task. It would be very simple to fall into clichés and this can lead your business to become one more.

For this reason, it is so important to take into account the current trends in design, and from Faberin we can not be more proud to present a product as complete and functional as Hidric Color. If what you are looking for is to differentiate yourself from the competition and be at the forefront of interior design trends, Hidric Color is the item that your business needs.

Words by Laura S.

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