Gift Ideas II: 10 designer products for less than €100

by Sara S.

It approaches Christmas and with it the moment to think… What gift this year?
At this time, gifts to family and friends accumulate and surely you want to have the perfect idea to surprise that special person.
Due to the large amount of gifts you have to make, you would appreciate finding an original gift at a good price, wouldn’t you?

Well, at Faberin, this year we have the definitive guide.
Next, we propose you 10 products of artisan design, that combine originality, history and craftsmanship, for less than 100 € . With these ideas, we are sure you will not fail.

These are our ideas to give away for this Christmas:

1. Lonelamp by Javier Mañas

Lonelamp is a design lamp that can be used in three positions. It is functional and innovative and ideal for placing in the reading corner or as ambient light.

Made with 3D printing technology is suitable for using LED light, so it is low consumption and in addition its biodegradable manufacturing materials give it high quality and performance .

But it also hides a great story behind it, because Javier was inspired by Lone, a refugee who, despite being a wandering person with an uncertain destiny, has the virtue of illuminating the lives of those around him.

Christmas is sharing… If you want to help the most needy with your Christmas gift, Lonelamp is your gift. For each Lonelamp, 5€ will be donated to the NGO Proactive Arms, in charge of helping and saving refugees in the Central Mediterranean and Greek coasts.

Discover Lonelamp F

2. Hexagonals by Juanny Barcelò Borges

Hexagonals by product designer Juanny Barcelò Borges is a design piece inspired by the Droste effect: An image that contains in itself an increasingly smaller piece, which repeats itself continuously.
This original wooden tablecloths , in addition to taking care of the environment, will be the protagonist of lunches and dinners with your family and friends.
Bring the design to your table with Hexagonals!

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3. Wave live de Miguel Mojica

Wave Live is an original and novel acoustic amplifier of design manufactured in ceramic supported in the mixture of black clay and white stoneware, seeking to capture the waves of the music and a contrast in the piece during the turning process, generating a connection between the music and the finish of the piece.
Undoubtedly it is a piece decorative and functional that will star in any space and will attract all eyes.

Discover Wave Live

4. Trails Lapdesk by Juanny Barcelò Borges.

Trails Lapdesk isn’t just a notebook stand, it’s an innovative design piece ideal for your workplace. For young people and adults who work in front of the computer all day is the perfect Christmas gift .
With this original laptop stand you can give personality to your workspace, whether at home or in the office.
If you are looking for a personalised gift , don’t hesitate, choose Trails and give it personality with that phrase that unites you.

Discover Trails Lapdesk

5. Hanger rope by Pepe Sanmartín.

Hanger rope is an original and minimalist design stand that will fit perfectly with Nordic decoration or Scandinavian environments.
In addition, you can choose between several colors to get closer to the taste of that special person. A piece of design, handmade and unique that you can turn into a gift at home , without moving from home.
It will be the perfect ally in your bedroom, hallway or living room.

Discover Hanger Rope

6. Hidric Color by Gerard Arqué.

Hidric Color is a pot but not just any pot. As a design piece it stands out for its main characteristic of auto irrigation .
The plant never remains in direct contact with the water, being self-sufficient is the ceramic Hidric Color the one in charge to make arrive the water to the roots.
It is definitely a product that takes care of the environment , manages the use of water with excellence, prevents plants from rotting and creating larvae due to the high plate.
This design gift can be ordered in different colours according to your taste: white, red, green or yellow.

Discover Hidric Color

7. Joe de Juanny Barcelò Borges.

Joe, like measurer, allows you to accurately calculate the amount of spaghetti to boil for one, two, three, and up to four people at a time.
In addition, once you use it you won’t need to keep it because Joe is also a unique decorative piece that will give an elegant touch of style to your kitchen.
If you are looking for a practical and stylish home gift, Joe is the answer.

Discover Joe


8. Don’t cry by Lenka Kozic.

Don’t cry, by designer Lenka Kozic, is a cup, but not like the ones you have at home. Its innovative silhouette differs widely from the rest.
Don’t cry, minimalist style, shows elegance and practicality. Those drops that seem to fall work as a support or a handle to take it. Like every piece of design also has a story behind it and an inspiration… We encourage you to get to know it!
Emotional and functional , Don’t cry, will not leave who receives it indifferent.

Discover Don’t cry

9. Jar from the collection Jarros by David H. del Valle.

This is a piece of modern style design. David, its designer, was inspired by the pre-Columbian vases to create a piece of design functional and great visual aesthetics. Then you can place it anywhere in the house and it will become the protagonist of any meeting.
History and aesthetics come together in this piece from the Jarros collection of the Colombian designer David H. Del Valle.

Discover Jar


10. Hidric Natural by Gerard Arqué.

Hidric Natural is a artisanal flowerpot that allows the plant to be self-sufficient to absorb water, because it allows it not to be in direct contact with water, being the ceramic in charge of feeding its roots.
This pot designed by Gerard Arqué with its different versions assures you that there is a Hydric for each of your friends and in the color you want.
In addition, this less colorful version creates a single optical effect , which makes it an even more original piece.

Discover Hidric Natural

What did you think of our ideas for this Christmas?

Remember that all these products, you can buy them and send them without leaving home. Join the trend of home gifts and worry only about choosing the piece that best suits you and that special person at our catalogue of exclusive pieces.

Words by Sara S.

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