Fusteria Pou: professional carpentry and exclusive craftsmanship

by Rocío M.

If there is something we promote in our platform of designers and craftsmen is the handmade work, the craftsmanship, and the special objects and unique; something that we share with the protagonists of today’s post, a carpentry that as they define themselves is a ‘space of creation’, that since 1980 is dedicated to the professional carpentry and carpentry, seeking excellence and quality in each of their work.

We are talking about Fusteria Pou, that after a long trajectory as carpenters and cabinetmakers, decide to join the community of craftsmen and makers which is Faberin, to extend its work philosophy and experience in the furniture manufacturing far beyond its headquarters, located in Centelles (Barcelona).

Fusteria Pou is a company with a long history and many stories that are worth telling, such as their participation in the Olympic Games of Barcelona 92, where they did important work. Would you like to know what it is and more about this great carpentry workshop?

Here we go!

Joan Pou Montalt and Joan Pou Grau, father and son, craftsmen at Faberin

Joan Pou Montalt and Joan Pou Grau, father and son, craftsmen at Faberin

Fusteria Pou: high quality carpentry since 1980

For the members of Fusteria Pou, their job as carpenters is not only their profession, but also their passion. Joan Pou Montalt, founder of the company, began his career in the carpentry sector in 1966, and from the very beginning he trained in various workshops where he had the opportunity to work and learn under the tutelage of big master craftsmen. It was in 1980 when he decided to undertake and apply all the knowledge acquired in previous years and founded Fusteria Pou. Joan is the best example of an craftsman with a vocation, who is passionate about the carpentry trade, and who strives to make his work reflect the high quality and experience that characterizes his business.

A few years after the foundation of Fusteria Pou, his son Joan Pou Grau decided to join the workshop, as he felt the same vocation as his father for craftsmanship and the carpenter’s trade. Undoubtedly, his presence in the workshop since he was a child influenced him in choosing his profession, and in 1992 he began his studies from which he obtained the title of technician specialist in industrial wood construction. Joan demonstrated not only a great vocation for his work but also a great talent for the carpentry trade, as he obtained the First Prize at the San Sebastian Design Competition of the Instituto Politécnico EASO.

His incorporation into the family business brought added value to Fusteria Pou, as Joan brought knowledge and technology to the workshop and the technical office, modernising and completing the great experience his father had gained.

Fusteria Pou's workspace

Fusteria Pou's workspace

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More than an exclusive carpentry workshop

As we said at the beginning of the post, Fusteria Pou is not a carpentry workshop, it is much more than that. As a result of their great trajectory and their constant search for excellence in their work, they have been able to evolve over time and adapt their techniques to the needs of their clients and different projects.

If there is one thing that makes them different, it is that they always look for quality rather than quantity. Something that does not surprise us if we take a look at his incredible installations in Centelles, one hour from Barcelona, his professional machinery, and his extensive knowledge of the market and the carpentry and joinery trade.

At Fusteria Pou, they love working with wood, a material that allows them to give free rein to their creativity and with which they feel very comfortable working, due to their long career in the profession. In their constant efforts to improve themselves, they have specialized in working with solid wood, because of its natural properties and characteristics that after careful work, results in a high quality product, durable over the years, which meets the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Their professionality and their impressive work machinery, allow them to manufacture all types of unique pieces, adapted and personalized to each customer, which have positioned them as a company specialized in carpentry reference in the sector and with which is assured the excellence in the final result.

Handcrafted table, made by Fusteria Pou

Handcrafted table, made by Fusteria Pou

A very special commission: master carpenters of the Olympic Games

The years of work and effort of Joan Pou Montalt, founder of the company, paid off very few years after founding Fusteria Pou. His commitment and dedication
to the trade of carpenter and cabinetmaker were soon rewarded and the workshop grew, improving its machinery and expanding its customer base. A turning point was his collaboration with ‘Piedra Natural Leiro’, a company that offers him the opportunity to demonstrate his skills in large-scale projects.
And in the middle of the effort and the long working days, a very special order came: to build a large hotel in El Montanyà (Seva) for the Olympic Games of Barcelona 1992, where the Olympic equestrian events will be held. A challenge that fills the team with illusion but also with responsibility, due to the size of the project.

The work was a great effort for Fusteria Pou, due to the little time they had to do it and the demand that the project required: nothing more and nothing less than a construction for the Olympic Games! A challenge that Fusteria Pou met with professionality and even before the deadline, without losing the quality that characterizes them. The hotel in El Montanyà is ready to welcome Olympic athletes.

Images of the construction of the Hotel in El Montanyà for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games

Images of the construction of the Hotel in El Montanyà for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games

With the success of this work, Fusteria Pou demonstrated its high capacity to face all types of projects, of the highest level and exigency, and to offer a result to the height of the project. An example of crafts teachers from head to toe.

Hotel completed, built by Fusteria Pou for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games

Hotel completed, built by Fusteria Pou for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games

In Faberin we love to have the collaboration of Fusteria Pou, and very soon we will have available one of their products in our exclusive pieces catalogue.

They are undoubtedly master craftsmen who strive to innovate day after day, and continuously improve their work. In their website you can see the wonderful work they do and the high quality of their products.

If, like Fusteria Pou, you are enthusiastic about craftsmanship and a job well done, join this great designers and craftsmen platform and you can be the first in make exclusive and original pieces from international designers.

Words by Rocío M.

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