Frutas del Copón: the summer revolution comes to Faberin

by Laura S.

Good weather comes, days at the beach, swimming pool, meetings with friends and family that come to mind for many reasons. Pictures have become our way of framing great moments, and at the height of the instagramer season, anything is no longer good. The shape has become part of the background, and the designs of glasses also matter a lot this summer.

From Faberin we know that summer is the perfect time for a good cocktail and we have not been able to resist to these Fruits of the ciborium. El Taller de Piñero, who has created an exquisite selection of glasses decorated with the most exotic summer fruits, also knows this well. You won’t be able to resist!

Current originality

If there’s one thing that’s inseparable from summer, it’s the fruit. It will be because of its flavour, its colour, its freshness… but we cannot live without them. They have become a trend in the world of design. There are many artists who use them to create a different atmosphere and theme, but we have never seen designs like those of El taller de Piñero, which presents the best summer glasses with innovative, realistic and well-worked designs.

These designs have been created with top quality materials that make them look exquisite and that it would be hard to differentiate them from real fruits if it weren’t for their size. Its simple non-slip grip prevents falls and unnecessary spills.

Undoubtedly, with these cups you will not be able to go unnoticed this summer.


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Favourites of social networks

Among the best drinks presented by El Taller de Piñero we highlight Copa Copatano and Freesopón for the viral way in which they are filling the social networks.

Copatano dresses in the color of the sun to illuminate your best parties. With the total appearance of a real banana gets with an elegant design to be the center of all eyes.

Not only does it add a casual touch to the preconceived idea of the cocktail of all life in the crystal glass, but it’s also over that if you drop the glass the party is over.

Copatano has been created through resistant materials such as resin, which makes it almost impossible for it to be damaged or broken by falls. It also uses paint and a food-grade varnish finish.

Freesopon will set you free. It has also been created with resin, paint and finish in food-grade varnish. Not only does it stand out for its fun name, but its texture makes it a cup you won’t be able to resist. We love the natural and worked shape with which they have undoubtedly created this summer’s most eye-catching cups.

These cups are also causing a sensation in the hostelry sector. El Taller de Piñero has expanded its catalogue and from Faberin we present a selection of the best fruits that will not leave anyone indifferent. Dare to turn your restaurant’s menu into a unique experience that your customers won’t forget.

If you are a designer or manufacturer of products this is the inspiration that will make you stand out from the rest of the competition!

Will these Frutas del Copón be the ones that will make this the summer of your life?

Words by Laura S.

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